Course & Semester Dates

Outline Academic Year dates, five years in advance, are agreed by Academic Board. The Standard Undergraduate Semester Pattern dates are agreed one year in advance by Academic Board.  Note: the dates of some programmes may vary from these generic dates and these are set out in the document Non-Standard Programme dates, which are also approved by Academic Board one year in advance.

Outline Academic Year Dates from 2015/16 to 2019/20

Standard Undergraduate Semester Patterns

Please note there will be some variations in course length and attendance requirements.

Non Standard Programme Dates

These are published for the current and subsequent academic year. Programme / subject areas will also publish further information for their students via subject area notice boards.

If there are difficulties regarding timing or nature of your course, please contact your Programme Administrator in the first instance. They can provide guidance on a range of matters concerning your programme and course requirements. For further details regarding administrative staff and their contact details, please check the subject area notice boards