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How we manage quality

The quality of the University's programme are monitored by the following methods:

At University Level

There is an established framework of quality assurance mechanisms at both University and Faculty Level. The Academic Standards Committee (ASC) is responsible to the Academic Board for maintaining quality systems including the appointment of external examiners and the approval, annual monitoring and review of programmes. Procedures are set out in the Quality Handbook with details illustrating the quality assurance cycle.

The University participates in the online National Student Survey (NSS) which is open to all final year students. Additionally the University conducts its own anonymous internal student survey (ISS), open to all registered students throughout the University. Data from these surveys is used by the University to determine priorities for enhancing the student experience.

At Programme Level

University structures for Quality Assurance are reinforced through:

  • Anonymous module evaluations, sometimes supplemented by staff and student discussion at the end of a module
  • Peer observation of teaching sessions
  • Internal and external moderation meetings and examination boards
  • Programme Board meetings each semester with student and staff representation
  • Regular teaching team and technical staff meetings
  • Consultation with external stakeholders
  • Addressing issues raised in external examiners’ reports
  • Recommendations and requirements of external advisers and approval panels
  • Individual staff appraisals
  • Addressing issues identified through the NSS and ISS.