The Chaplaincy is here for the benefit of all, students and staff, those of all faiths and none.  It’s an open space for those with a faith who want to celebrate it as well as for those with their doubts who want to question it; for those who are just looking and those who need somewhere neutral to reflect.  It is for those who are experiencing difficulties and maybe don’t know where to start to get help.  It is confidential, non-judgmental and compassionate.

Rev. John Dane, our Chaplain, was formerly a curate in the parish of Deddington in Oxfordshire and has an enormous amount of experience relevant for the chaplain’s role. He lived and worked in the United States for 15 years, mainly in the field of Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation, and travelled in the US, Russia and Europe developing treatment programmes for a range of occupations including those in the pop music and movie fields.  On the church front he was Director of Youth Ministry at St Francis in the Foothills Methodist Church, Tucson, Arizona, a church heavily committed to working with refugees and other marginalised groups.

There are regular services at the Chapels on both campuses, and rooms available for prayer or quiet meditation.

If you are looking for a local Church, place of prayer, worship or meetings for other faiths and beliefs, John knows many of the local ministers, churches and faith leaders.  He always welcomes the opportunity to talk to you about your needs and where you would feel most comfortable.

You can contact John on email: or phone 01243 816041.



The Chaplain. Rev'd John Dane