Folklore, Fairy Tales & Fantasy

At the heart of the Sussex Centre is a focus on folklore, fairy tales and fantasy as creative forces in literature and culture.

The Centre provides a forum where writers, scholars, performers, artists and aficionados can explore folk narratives, fairy tales and fantasy in various forms including print, film, and the visual and performing arts.

The project’s scope is geographically and culturally inclusive. However, its founding impulse is related to Sussex, an area rich in folk narrative, fairy tales and works of fantasy by Blake, Farjeon, Gaiman, Keats, Kipling, MacDonald, Peake, Shelley, Tennyson and Wilde, all of whom have Sussex connections, as do the fantasy illustrators Peake, Rackham, and Shepard.

Best-selling British fantasy (Tolkien, Lewis, Pullman, Rowling) may seem to rule the waves, but its sources and audiences are international. It is the diversity and exuberance of folktales, fairy tales and the fantastic imagination that the Centre seeks to explore, discuss and celebrate in a range of ways.