International Exchange

History is expanding an extensive range of new study abroad opportunities. Students enrolling with us will have the possibility to take one semester of their BA (Hons) History programme outside of the UK.

Students will be able to benefit from ‘Erasmus’ agreements with universities in Finland (University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu), Belgium (Catholic University of Leuven), Germany (University of Würzburg) Spain (University of Cadiz) and Switzerland (University of Neuchâtel).

The Erasmus programme provides mobility grants, which cover additional expenses of studying abroad and students are exempt from tuition fees at the host university.

In addition, other long-term associations with university partners outside Europe in Canada and the United States of America mean that History and Politics at Chichester is well placed to offer its students a further international dimension to their undergraduate experience.

Take a look at what opportunities we can offer you: