What Our Students Say

We asked some of our past and present student why they choose to study here-find out what they had to say.  Read our interview with a Social Work student too. 

Jonathan Hood:

'The University of Chichester gave me an opportunity to better myself when few others would, through experience and foresight they have seen the potential in me. The Social Work course has proven itself to be educational on both a professional and personal level. The staff have been successful in bringing together a group of talented individuals, who encourage and motivate each other to achieve their best, even when things get tough. Finally, the course has proven the age old theory that learning is easier when you have fun doing it.'

Mel Powell:

'Now almost completing my first year of social work I have no regrets choosing Chichester and enjoy coming to uni, all other students are very friendly, I get regular emails informing me of updates with regards to the course and the whole university and I think the 1-2-1 support I receive from lecturers is really important and no one ever makes you feel that they have no time for you.'

Becca Arman:

'I chose Chichester because when I attended the open day, I had that gut feeling this was the place for me.  It had that homely/family feel and 6 months on that feeling has grown.  I couldn't imagine studying anywhere else.'     

Pete Burrows:

'It is driven by a “warm” and “experienced” team, with an abundance of lived and worked experience in their specific fields. In addition, their creativity toward the subjects we are learning are hugely stimulating and challenging. The lecturers are always open to suggestions, and there has never been a moment when they are not there to give support and guidance for those difficult times. Not to forget the advantage of a “truly approachable” admin team who are an integral part of the department, and knowing they are always available with additional support for all those other challenges is vastly reassuring. Speaking from the heart, the course would have to be described as life changing and an essential component toward gaining a greater understanding and compassion in relation to our own communities and fellow human beings.'

Stephanie Fox:

'Accepting my offer to study a social work degree at University of Chichester was the easiest decision I've made in my life. There were many reasons for this, one being the great reputation that was expressed to me from previous students, but also the moment I stepped into the campus I was made to feel welcome and relaxed. The lecturers are so passionate about their subject's with no end of experience and knowledge, which empowers myself and fellow students to succeed. Everyone is so friendly here I look forward to coming in to every lecture.'

Theresa Pool:

'Since making the choice to study at University of Chichester, I have never doubted it.  The tutors’ knowledge in their area of expertise is outstanding.  They all have experience in Social Work and bring valuable information to every lecture.  If I have a problem, staff and tutors are more than happy to help.  The environment we work in is comfortable and relaxed, and it didn’t take long before I felt like I belonged.  I would highly recommend University of Chichester as your choice for further education.'

Sara Fulker:

'Chichester is really the best university for me. I have settled in so well and due to the university being smaller, I have developed a good relationship with staff and other students.  The lectures are smaller than other uni's, so it feels more personal, rather than sitting in a huge theatre. This first year has flown by, and I am absolutely loving being here... it’s the best decision I have ever made.'

Kayleigh Jenner:

'I was accepted to more than one university however when visiting them all, University of Chichester just had an instant attraction and by the end of my visit I was completely confident I would choose it as my place of study for 3 years! The biggest attraction was and still is how welcoming the staff/lecturers are.  The feeling I get is that they have so much time to discuss their knowledge with you and I find that valuable considering the complexities of the Social Work degree.'

Mark Winstanley:

'Living in Brighton I had the option of both Sussex and Brighton Universities. I gave preference to Chichester as it good to meet new people out of your town and gain work experience outside of East Sussex. Definitely made the right decision!'

Pia Achoko:

'One reason that I chose Chichester above all other Universities was because of its inclusiveness of mature students. The individualised support and advice you get is exceptional and something you cannot get in larger universities.'

Peter Holleyfield:

'The lecturers all have a Social Work background and their practical experience shows in the lectures. Also, their personal case histories give an added depth to their presentations which make for enjoyable and interesting lecture.'

Keeley White:

'I am in the first year of the BA (Hons) Social Work at University of Chichester, returning to study as a mature student and loving every minute of it.  The assignments are hard work and require a lot of effort, however, I have learnt a huge amount, not only about the subjects but have also surprised myself at my ability to time manage and produce work to a much higher academic standard that I thought possible. Before deciding to apply to Chichester, I contacted other Universities to find out what they had to offer, only to be told that despite having extensive relevant work experience and excellent references from my previous and current employers, that I would not be considered for interview as I hadn't taken an access course or completed 'A' levels.   Thankfully, Chichester are intelligent and real enough to realise that mature students with work experience have a lot to offer and I was offered a place.  I look forward to qualifying as a social worker in 2014.

I wish you lots of luck in your future study and encourage you not to underestimate the importance of your previous work experiences.'

Hayley Thornett:

For me personally Chichester is like home from home, the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming, therefore it makes the learning experience so much more enjoyable.'