Day Release Degree

Do you want to develop and recruit talented, motivated and highly skilled people in your business?

The Day Release Degree in Business Studies is an exciting and flexible way that your employees can gain a full honors degree in Business Studies, whilst still working for you.

We are currently successfully delivering the 2014-2018 programme to a range of students from a wide spectrum of employers in the hospitality, travel, construction, engineering leisure, retail, marketing and social enterprise sectors.

We are inviting applications from existing employees  who want to develop their potential by gaining an honours degree in Business Studies to gain a degree that is directly relevant to the work they do. We are also looking for highly motivated and talented students in their final year of college to consider this programme.

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The Day Release Degree is an amazing opportunity. It gives you the vital experience that employers look for alongside your qualifications
Anna Marie Hillard, Classic Collection Holidays Ltd
What’s in it for the employer?

The Day Release Degree programme is a fantastic opportunity for your organisation to recruit and develop talent in a way that is focused on your business goals whilst enabling your employees to get a recognised qualification.

  • Talent Management – develop your own employees and recruit new talent who will become your high performers to take the organisation forward
  • Direct business impact – your business will benefit directly from new ideas, fresh approaches, different directions arising from work-related projects focused on your business objectives.
  • Improved retention, motivation and loyalty – investing in people is widely proven to have a positive effect on staff retention  and improved performance.
  • Cost effective - all costs are typically shared between the employer and the student
  • Local talents and skills - you can get access to a pool of highly talented and motivated people

"It's about investing in the young today to give you the managers of tomorow.We are really pleased with our student, Anna-Marie; she has exceeded expectations and is already making an impact. We definitely plan to recruit two more for this year's programme."

Nick Munday, Managing Director, Classic Collection Holidays Ltd

How does it work?

Employees can contact us directly or they can talk to their employers about the programme who can then contact us.

Businesses want to partner with us because they can see the benefits of developing their existing  staff members and the long-term benefit that this can bring to the organisation and the students.

The course is delivered over 30 weeks for the first three years and the final year is split into two terms to work on work-based practical projects agreed between the employer, the student and the University.

The majority of the assessment is done through workplace projects relevant to what the student is learning.

This method of assessment reinforces the learning and can bring immediate benefit to your business.

How the course works

Students study one day a week over three ten-week terms for the first three years.

The fourth year is a tutor supported management project studied over two semesters i.e. September to May

Study is a mix of generic business and skills- based modules.

The majority of assignments are work-related projects which are focused on workplace issues and challenges.  Subjects covered include finance, management, marketing, HR and operations.

Students are supported by both an academic tutor and a work-based mentor.

Employers and students typically split the course fees on 50:50 basis.

Want to know more….?

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If you want to speak someone about the degree course and how it could work for you please contact:

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