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Brighton and Hove Business Start Up Support

While other areas in the South East have suffered social and economic decline, Brighton and Hove has bucked the trend – and it continues to thrive.

The Brighton and Hove Business Start Up Hot House Programme

With a vibrant tourist industry and plenty of unique attractions enticing visitors to the area, it has become a hot bed for business activity, with nearly 4000 businesses formed in Brighton and Hove last year. As well as boasting a flourishing retail centre characterised by small, independent shops, the area is also home to a number of businesses from a range of sectors including creative industries and digital media.

If you have an idea for a new business or you have recently started your own business in Brighton and Hove, the Business Start Up Hot House Programme could provide you with the support and expertise you need to thrive in your first year of operation.

Whatever your business idea, the Programme includes a range of stimulating and challenging business and personal development activities that are ideal for people from all work and education backgrounds.

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Based at venues in Brighton, the Programme will give you access to:

1. 27th March and 30th March - Business Start Up Boot Camp

Two days of highly interactive, fun and informative business learning designed to help you define, refine and develop your business idea.

Day one you will define what it is that you do and control how you will be known. You will create a statement of purpose, a set of verbal business cards to articulate your business offer, and the first draft of your planned business using the internationally recognised Business Model Canvas.

Day two you will learn about finding your customer segment and designing and conducting market research. You will develop an understanding of fundamental issues such as cash flow, expenses, when to register as self-employed and setting up a limited company.

Location BMECP Centre, Brighton. With easy access to the trains and parking

You can join the highly acclaimed Business Start Up Boot Camp by emal or calling 01243 723459

The cost, part of the full hot house programme, is only £500, this includes access to the 8 other workshops, 8 peer to peer action workgroups and 8 hours of person business coaching. 

If you just want to do the Business Bootcamp it is available for the heavily subsidised price of only £100 for the two days of training. 

2. Business Knowledge Workshop Series

Build and develop your business knowledge with thse workshops, covering everything from marketing to finance. The workshops are also available as standalone components, priced at £50 (plus VAT) per session.

  • 23rd April - ‘Pitching Your Business’ workshop 
    Making sales doesn’t need to be scary. This workshop will look at the essentials of negotiation, the impact of body language and tips to help you close that sale. 
  • 11th June - ‘Revisiting the Business Model Canvas’ workshop
    Review your Business Model Canvas and assess the future goals and objectives of your business, learning how to build a business plan to achieve them.
  • 25th June - ‘Business Structures, Legalities & Tax’ workshop
    Understand the business environment in which you work and learn how to research your market, customers and competition using the best tools available.
  • 23rd July - ‘Know Your Jungle’ workshop
    Understand the business environment in which you work and learn how to research your market, customers and competition using the best tools available.
  • 20th August - ‘Marketing’ workshop 
    Find out what marketing is and isn't. Explore tools and techniques for building a marketing strategy and developing your brand. 
  • 17th September - ‘Finance’ workshop
    Cash is king in any business. Look at how to identify finance for your business, how to apply for it, and what banks and other institutions are looking for.
  • 22nd October - ‘Marketing in the Digital Age’ workshop
    Learn about the radical changes to the ways companies find and interact with their customers. Develop your website and web-based marketing strategy, and discover the power of social media.
  • 19th November - ‘Developing the Team’ workshop 
    Look at the art of delegation, recruitment and getting it right. Learn how to manage people, make the best use of policies and procedures, and how to avoid common problems when developing your team.
  • Location:  BMECP Centre, Brighton. With easy access to the trains and parking.
  • The cost:  As part of the full hot house programme, is only £500, this includes access to all the workshop, the Business Boot Camp, 8 peer to peer action workgroups and 8 hours of person business coaching. 
    If you just want to do the Business Knowledge Workshops each one is available for the heavily subsidised price of only £50 for the full day of training. 
  • BOOK NOW: By emailing

Programme 1 workshops:

‘Support and information’, 26 March 2015 (Programme 1 - launched 2014)
‘Your workshop’, 28th May 2015 (Programme 1 - launched 2014)

3. Peer-to-Peer Workshop Series

Find solutions to your business questions and problems and learn from other business owners in 10 facilitated workshops.


Programme 2:

  • Thursday 4th June, 6-8pm
  • Wednesday 8th July, 6-8pm
  • Wednesday12th August, 6-8pm
  • Wednesday 9th September, 6-8pm
  • Wednesday14th October, 6-8pm
  • Wednesday 11th November, 6-8pm
  • Wednesday 9th December, 6-8pm

Programme 1:

  • 9 April 2015 2-4pm
  • 14 May 2015 2-4pm

Location: MDHUB Office C/O CLARK BROWNSCOMBE LIMITED, 8 The Drive, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 3JT. With easy access to trains and parking.

4. Personal Business Coaching Sessions

Overcome barriers and face challenges that you face a business founder. These personal business coaching sessions make make the difference between success and failure. 8 hours of coaching available. Coaching may be done by Skype, phone or personal meetings. 

Book your place NOW by calling Gareth Sear, Business Start Up Manager, or 01243 812041.