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Business Workshops in Worthing, West Sussex

Located only 12 miles along the coast from Brighton, Worthing is often overlooked in favour of its more glamorous neighbour – yet it should not be underestimated. The area boasts a vibrant local economy with expertise in public administration, finance and manufacturing, as well as growing tourism, cultural and creative industries. Economically active people and new business start-ups are on the increase, with the town now home to an increasingly skilled workforce. In 2012, Worthing ranked fifth in the UK for business competitiveness in a survey commissioned by Santander, making it an attractive option for business owners. 

If you have an idea for a new business or you have recently started your own business in the Worthing area, the Business Start Up Hot House Programme could provide you with the support and expertise you need to thrive in your first year of operation.

Whatever your business idea, the Programme includes a range of stimulating and challenging business and personal development activities that are ideal for people from all work and education backgrounds.

This full programme is worth in excess of £1000 and is majority funded through the Regional Growth Fund and is delivered in partnership with Worthing and Adur Chamber of Commerce 

Book the full programme now 

For Worthing based businesses click here - only £50 thanks to additional funding from Worthing Borough Council 

For businesses in all other areas please click here - only £150 for the full programme 

Tuesday 17th May to Thursday 19th May (or at a time to suit you)
Personal  Business Coaching  Session

Appointments to be arranged.

Start your business support programme with a personal coaching session with one of our experienced business coaches. Start to look at your vision and set objectives. 

Tuesday 24th May
What is your business?
9.30am: 12.30pm

Introductions, needs & wants. Vision scoping. Refining the offer

Expected outcomes:

  • Participants to have considered their 3-year vision
  • The opportunity to refine the idea / offer
  • Participants motivations and expectations of running their own business.

Book this as a one off workshop - only £15

Tuesday 31st May
Business Round Table Discussions

Join the other delegates on the programme and work in a facilitated open discussion forum to ensure you get the benefit from your peers in helping you to overcome the challenges to growing your business. 

The peer to peer workgroups are created for makers of businesses who aspire to achieve growth and development. The discussion groups are designed to give you a non-exec platform through which you are able to discuss your issues, challenges & concerns in a trusting and confidential environment.

The type of outcomes you might expect: 

  • Solutions to problems that might be holding back your growth
  • Enriching the development of your strategy through discussion and debate with your peers 
  • Guidance & direction
  • You will enjoy helping other Business Owners by sharing your experiences

Tuesday 7th June 
The Busines Model Canvas 

The 9 building blocks of business and how this process can help you plan the next stage of your business.

Expected outcomes:

  • An understanding of how to develop the business model canvas giving your business structure, focus and direction
  • Best places to go and research your business idea your customers and the market place.
  • Developing the Value Proposition and the Customer Segments.

. Book this as a one off workshop - only £15 

Tuesday 14th June
Digital Marketing

The way companies find and interact with their customers has radically changed over the last few years. This workshop will look at how you can develop your website, web-based marketing and the power of social media. This session develops the building block ‘Channels’ on your Business Model Canvas

Expected outcomes:

  • Participants go away with at least one online marketing tactic they are curious to research more;
  • Everyone takes to heart the key lesson of attaching resource planning to online marketing ideas, i.e. there's no such thing as a free lunch;
  • Participants were able to ask questions about digital marketing issues that bug them (or they are sceptical about) and at minimum get the trainers viewpoints, or develop their ideas in debate.

Book this as a one off workshop - only £15 

Tuesday 21st June
Business Round Table Discussions

Join the other delegates on the programme and work in a facilitated open discussion forum to ensure you get the benefit from your peers in helping you to overcome the challenges to growing your business. 

Tuesday 28th June
Pitching your business: Networking and Sales

Making sales doesn’t need to be scary.  This workshop will look at the essentials of negotiation, the impact of body language and tips to help you close the sale.

Expected Outcomes

  • Understand what makes someone buy
  • Develop negotiation skills
  • Top tips on closing the sale

What to prepare

  • Consider who is your ‘ideal’ customer
  • Consider your own areas of strength in selling and networking
  • Consider the selling/networking skills you would like to develop

Book this as a one off workshop - only £15 

Tuesday 5th July 
Business Structures, legalities and tax

In this session you’ll discover the pros and cons of various business structures, and learn about the key elements of the law that will impact on your business. You’ll also learn more about income tax, VAT and National Insurance, and leave the session with an understanding of how to meet your obligations without paying any more tax than necessary.

Expected outcomes:


  • An understanding of the various kinds of legal entity
  • Legal responsibilities
  • Financial management practices 

Book this as a one off workshop - only £15 

Tuesday 12th July
Business Round Table Discussions

Your last opportunity on this programme for the round table discussions, Make sure you set your objectives for the way forward. 

 Tuesday 5th July
Your workshop

The final workshop is all about you and that’s exactly why the group decide what the focus will be. Whatever you group would like to know more about, this session can be used to ask questions and learn more.

Expected Outcomes

  • Pull together learnings from the whole program
  • Find practical solutions to current business challenges
  • Develop your understanding of what make a successful business

What to prepare

  • Consider what you have learned on the program so far and the challenges now facing you

Book this as a one off workshop - only £15 

Week commencing 19th July 
Personal Coaching Session

One hour final coaching session to really make your business happen. 

This full programme is worth in excess of £1000 and is majority funded through the Regional Growth Fund. 

Book the full programme now by clicking on the links below: 

For Worthing based businesses click here - only £50 thanks to additional funding from Worthing Borough Council 

For businesses in all other areas please click here - only £150 for the full programme 

For one off workshops please click here - only £15 for a half day workshop. 

For more information contact Gareth Sear, Business Start Up Manager, Business Hot House Programme, on 01243 812041 or email

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