What Our Students Say

In response to the results of the National Student Survey (NSS), where 2012 graduates commented on the quality of the degree they'd just completed, The Sunday Times 'University Guide 2013' placed our Fine Art  course in 2nd place, nationally, for 'satisfaction with teaching' in Art and Design.

Hear what our students have to say.

Francesca Pattison (1st year): During my first year of the Fine Art degree, I have already gained so many skills which will help me when I graduate into the big wide world. The tutors here are really supportive of ideas and offer positive and constructive criticism. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course so far, and love the independent way of working in the well equipped studio space. I am extremely excited about what's to come in my 2nd and 3rd year!

Hannah Tasker (1st year): My first year studying Fine Art has been amazing. The academic staff are very knowledgeable and the amount of support is invaluable. Having your own studio space is so beneficial in raising confidence and developing independence. Coming straight from A Level I felt that I may have been at a slight disadvantage, but with the encouragement of staff and my fellow students, the studios in artOne are like a second home to me. Life Drawing and workshops have been very useful in helping develop my skills, along with the excellent lectures. I am so happy I chose to study at Chichester and cannot wait for 2nd year!

Penny McCAll (1st year): This is a most amazing place. The course is well structured, with life drawing, studio practice, lectures, workshops, visiting Artist lectures, tutorials, etc, etc ... invaluable. Don't be fooled, the smiley faced tutors put us all through their creative wringer, pushing, pulling and twisting out the most unexpected outcomes at times. The people involved, staff and students are as diverse as the art. A triumph of happiness.

Tanya Wood (2nd year): I have found my two years here to be both challenging and rewarding. It has been one of the best things I have done. I have thoroughly enjoyed the stimulating learning environment and feel the great strengths of the course to be the open access to tutors through the one to one tutorial system along with the regular group tutorials. Lecturers, technicians and administration staff are all excellent. The tutors work with you as an individual, developing and stretching you as an artist. I have found the multi-disciplinary approach a great opportunity for exploration and having all three year groups in one studio is really brilliant! Good visiting lecturers too.

Vincent Smith (2nd year, student rep): The last two years studying Fine Art here have, without a doubt, been the most challenging and enjoyable experiences of my life. There are many strengths to the Fine Art programme; the studio opening hours; the Student Subject Board addressing student concerns; the helpfulness of the technicians; the quality of the visiting lecture programme; and the quality and content of the contextual studies strand of our studies; however the quality and ease of access to the tutors is certainly one of the best aspects of the programme. This aspect should be shouted from the highest roof tops in any material used to promote the Fine Art programme to prospective students wishing to receive a high quality education.

Linda Nevill (2nd year): I came here from a different university because of having to move home and I have found studying fine art at the University of Chichester to be a stimulating, enriching experience. Tutors are supportive and accessible, studio space is comparatively generous, the programme of lectures is varied with numerous visiting artists, a vocational focus prepares us for the world of work after college, and I myself have been encouraged to grow as an artist.

Carolyn Dodd (2nd year part-time): As a part-time student I worried that I might feel disengaged from the rest of the year group, but with the generous support of tutors and fellow students alike, I have enjoyed every minute. I have been challenged and inspired and my work has developed and grown, as I hoped it would.

Holly Grogan (2nd year) says: I transferred after my first year to here because I didn’t find the Fine Art course at my previous university fulfilled all my needs as an art student. Despite it being a well known, respected university, I found it hard to produce work to my full potential. Since coming to Chichester, I have my own large studio space in artOne, which has been invaluable in producing the best work I can on a daily basis and feeling settled in the art department. I also have a number of tutors who are happy to offer me tutorials whenever I need them rather than previously having only one or two a semester. The critiques at Chichester are mid term rather than at assessment, which makes so much more sense in terms of feedback and motivation. Because of this I feel 100x more comfortable and prepared when it comes to assessments and deadlines. There is also a general all round feeling of friendliness and support in the course and I am very, very glad I decided to transfer here.

Chris Spring (2nd year) says: I came here from a different university. I found Fine Art at University of Chichester to be different in the face time with tutors and support with my work in general. This allowed me to progress massively to a point where now I am ready for my 3rd year in a way I know I never would have been at my old university.

Nina Reid (3rd year): Two years ago I came here from a different university because they weren’t offering me the right environment for my work to grow. I found Fine Art staff and students here to be a more nurturing and diverse group who were very inspirational.

Diana Brighouse (MA part-time): I thoroughly endorse all the comments made by the undergraduate students. Having done my first degree in a Russell Group university (in a different subject, some years ago) I was amazed when I came to study Fine Art here to find out how much fun university could be. That is certainly not to say that fine art is an easy option - indeed it is challenging both practically and theoretically but all the staff (technicians as well as tutors) are so supportive and approachable that it becomes a pleasure to learn. Having completed a BA I have carried straight on to the MA course. Not surprisingly the emphasis tips much more towards self-directed learning but the taught components of the course (thus far) are good. All in all I would have no hesitation in recommending Fine Art studies in Chichester to anyone who wishes to explore their creative potential.

Frances Desforges (MA part-time): The MA in Fine Art has been a great course which has enabled me to further my work. It has been challenging and enjoyable. One of its great strengths is that it has integrated theory and practice. I've loved being on the course; it has been a ticket to ride and the journey has been everything I hoped for.

Alison McFadden (MA part-time): One of the aspects of the MA Fine Art course I really like is that the tutors are very adept at helping you to develop your own work and ideas. The idea seems to be to encourage an individual's art practice in the direction of their own choosing. The atmosphere is supportive, and there is an expectation for you to take a critical and reflective approach to your own and other's work. It is a unique balance which works really well.