PGCiPP:Workplace Learning Development

Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Practice: Workplace Learning Development (PGCiPP:WPLD) 60 M-Level Credits

This certificate is designed to support schools that wish to accredit their professional learning activities or local authorities working on specific developments and projects.

Comprehensive information about the PGCiPP:WPLD can be found on our Course page.

Initial Enquiries to:
Tel: 01243 812045

Supporting School-based Projects

The certificate programme offers individuals, individual schools or groups of schools the opportunity to investigate, by means of practitioner research, a bespoke school-based focus.

The content prepares students to engage in learning at postgraduate level and the analysis of workplace learning practice. It aims to encourage reflection on previous learning; support to identify, explore and research a professional challenge, concern or issue; develop a research approach to activity in the workplace; and develop professional skills and attributes through action learning.

Typically the delivery includes up to ten face-to-face sessions over the period of one academic year; the content is designed in partnership by colleagues from the workplace and the University.

Successful students will be awarded a Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Practice worth 60 level 7 Masters credits, which can act as a springboard for further Masters study.

Groups would need to have a minimum of 10 students.

For further information, please contact:

Dr Sue Bentham, Coordinator of Masters Level Provision
Tel: 01243 812162

Fees: on application

Start date: Negotiable

Case Study - School-based Project

Highbury Primary School, Cosham

Highbury Primary School developed in conjunction with the University a work-based learning programme entitled ‘Moving to Outstanding Teaching’.  This involved teachers being involved in action based research projects, which had been identified from school improvement targets.

The University of Chichester was invited to work with the school to design the content of a postgraduate certificate in professional practice that would enable successful participants to acquire 60–masters level credits.

Drawing on the expertise of colleagues from school and university, a joint programme was developed to meet school needs and was delivered over one academic year.

As a result teachers undertook action research, which investigated aspects of practice that ultimately enhanced pupil learning outcomes within the school.

Action research projects included:

  • How does peer coaching affect pupil progress and attitudes to learning for higher attaining children?
  • How does reading interventions impact on pupil progress and attitudes to learning?
  • How can the effective balance of talk and questioning develop pupil’s communication and language skills in Maths in the early years?
  • To explore within the context of my school which interventions are the most effective for accelerating the progress of pupil premium children in Maths.
  • To explore whether creating and composing lyrics to represent the ‘Talk for Writing’ stories would increase the level at which pupils remember the stories in a year 3/4 classroom.