Claim/Absence Forms

School Experience & Student Travel Expenses:

Any students eligible to submit a claim for a contribution towards travel expenses during School Experience should download the relevant claim form below and submit to the School Partnership Office. Please read the Agreed Principles for Calculating and Paying a Contribution Towards Student Travel Expenses carefully before submitting a claim. Please note that all claims must be made within the same academic year as the School Experience.

Claim Forms:

Own Car Claim Form
Public Transport Claim Form
Hire Car Claim Form
Living in Digs Claim Form

Hire Cars:

Any students issued with a hire car for the purposes of School Experience must ensure they have read and agreed to the following important information before collecting the vehicle:

Hire Car Information & Guidelines for Student Teachers

School Experience Absence:

Any absences from School Experience must be logged by students by completing a School Absence form and submitting to their Programme Administrator.