BA (Hons) Tourism Management

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BA (Hons) Tourism Management

Tourism Management at Chichester is a modern and dynamic programme that builds on and reflects the multi-disciplinary nature of the subject.

Study in the tourist area of the south coast.
Study in the tourist area of the south coast.

The course has been designed to meet the needs of tourism employers and to give graduates a distinct competitive advantage in the increasingly competitive graduate careers market. The Tourism Management degree is part of the Business and Management programme at Chichester, and runs alongside Business Studies and IT - Management for Business.

Our goal is to produce qualified and energetic graduates who have sound academic and vocational experience of the tourism industry, and who can exceed the expectations of industry employers. We are committed to ensuring that our graduates are equipped to make an immediate, meaningful and competent contribution within a business and management environment. Developing the relevant subject area knowledge, combined with the skills and experience that employers are looking for, is key to enhancing your employability. We believe that vital to this process is the need for you to reflect upon your own learning as it takes place, and through this develop the ability to apply your skills and understanding with confidence.

An understanding of the key issues facing the tourism industry is essential, and as such this programme has been developed in association with representatives from the public and private sectors. You will be taught by staff who have considerable academic and professional experience of working in the field of tourism management.

"The programme impresses with its good integration of theory with practical relevance, through all of the tourism modules. Another feature of the programme is the excellent range of assessment methods used throughout. The range of activities and teaching methods used is also impressive. All of the above clearly indicate that the programme makes extensive use of the course team’s experience and abundant local tourism resources.

Phil Higson, External Examiner for Tourism Management, June 2005

Chichester has strong educational and consultancy links with the local and regional tourism industry including the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum, Fishbourne Roman Palace, Butlins, Arun and Chichester District Councils and the Regional Tourist Boards. We capitalise on our experience when considering key themes addressed in the course such as:

  • Techniques for Tourism,
  • Tourism Management and Planning,
  • IT and Tourism,
  • Quality Management and Customer Service,
  • Sustainable Tourism and Eco-tourism,
  • Interpretation,
  • Education and Training for Tourism,
  • Sports Tourism,
  • Heritage Tourism
  • Cultural Resource Management.