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Dr Yanan Song

Associate Lecturer in Politics

Dr Yanan Song is an Associate Lecturer in the Department of History and Politics.

Previously, she has worked as a teaching fellow at Queen Mary, University of London, shouldering the responsibility to teach the ‘Sino-American Relations’ module in the School of History.

She had her PhD degree in Politics at Durham University, where she also taught the module of ‘International Security, Interdependence and Organisation’. She completed her MSc in International Public Policy at University College London (UCL).



The US Commitment to NATO in the Post-Cold War Period, Palgrave Macmillan, August 2016.

Journal articles

‘The US Commitment to NATO in the Post-Cold War Period – A Case Study on Libya’, Journal of Transatlantic Studies, 14i, 2016.

‘Analysis of Housing Sub-Verification System for House Project Quality’, Construction Economy, October 2010.

‘The US Geo-Strategic Choice in Europe’, China Strategic Review, October 2008.


Her research has sought to explain the US commitment to NATO in the post-Cold War period. The initial focus is on the recommitment decision of the Clinton administration.

It also extensively explores the US operations in Kosovo, Afghanistan and, in particular, Libya.

The case study on Libya is especially important in exploring the Obama administration’s understanding of the purpose of NATO in the context of current economic pressures, domestic US debates about post-War on Terror interventions, and of increasing American preoccupation with Pacific rather than European security.