Staff Profiles

Laurike in 't Veld

Associate Lecturer

Laurike in ‘t Veld is an associate lecturer and PhD student at the University of Chichester. She teaches in both the History and the Media department on topics like the graphic novel, cinema and nationalism, American television drama and war films.

Her PhD project, supervised by Prof. Dr. Hugo Frey in the History department, focuses on the representation of genocide in comics. Taking a comparative approach, she traces the ways in which comics deal with the Holocaust and the genocides in Armenia, Rwanda and Bosnia. Her thesis argues that these comics are intervening in, and responding to (academic) discourses and debates around (in)appropriate strategies of genocide representation. The research project includes chapters on the visual and verbal representation of victims, perpetrators and (mass) violence, as well as highlighting the use of visual metaphors.

Her research and teaching interests include the representation of war, mass violence and genocide in popular culture, (Holo)kitsch, Hollywood cinema and (reality) television. 

She is the articles editor for A more detailed academic profile can be found here.


“Introducing the Rwandan Genocide from a Distance: American Noir and the Animal Metaphor in 99 Days” – Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics (forthcoming in print in June 2015)

Book review of Mark McKinney’s Redrawing French Empire in Comics in issue 39.3 of French Contemporary Civilization, pages 415-417

“Genocide in Comics.” Comics Forum. (17/11/12012)


“Negotiating Truth Claims: Paratext in Holocaust Comics” (Amsterdam Comics Conference, Amsterdam, July 2015)

“Evil or Ordinary? Exploring Constructions of Perpetrators of Genocide in Comics” (Complicity Conference, University of Brighton, March 2015)

“The Depiction of Sexual Violence in Genocide Comics” (Comics Forum, Leeds, July 2014)

“Visualizing Violence: Atrocity Panels in Jaxon’s ‘Nits Make Lice’” (International Graphic Novel and Comics Conference, British Library London, July 2014)

“’Brotha’s’ and Trauma: Juxtapositions of Violence in 99 Days” (European Association for American Studies Conference, The Hague, April 2014)

“From Maus to Medz Yeghern: Exploring a New Genre” (International Comics/IBDS Conference, University of Glasgow, June 2013)

“Representing the Rwandan Genocide in Comics” (IBDS Conference, Manchester Metropolitan University, 2011)