Students' Union

The SU President and Vice President 2014
Your SU President and Vice President for 2014.
Live sports, pub quizzes and free wi-fi.
Theme nights and charity events.

Students' Union

The University of Chichester Students' Union (UCSU) actively engages with the community to improve the society and area we live in.

Loads of sports teams to join.
Fancy dress nights at The Hub.
Develop bonds and friendships for life.
Get involved in the SU team.
Celebrate at the Summer Ball.

The SU realises that its members have skills that could benefit both the student community as well as the local one. The Students' Union run their own website with full details about all the events, societies, committees, clubs and activites that take place here at Chichester. For further details about what the UCSU has to offer you please visit

What is YOUR Students’ Union?

The UCSU is an organisation run by elected students for the students and we work for only one purpose, that’s you! The truth is without you, we wouldn’t exist, nor would the University itself.

Your Students’ Union provides you with support, training and development, clubs and societies and commercial services. As we are there to support and represent your rights as students, we rely on you, as the students, to let us know how we can best satisfy your needs. As a student at the University you are automatically a member of UCSU* and we are here to represent you.

Within UCSU we also have a Student Senate and Executive Committee who represent you guys on a local, national and international level, as well as within your everyday life on campus. We also aim and encourage others to join our array of different clubs and societies or even set up your own if you so wish.

If you have any other questions or issues then feel free to email, ring up or pop into our offices on both campuses, either above the Zee Bar in Chichester or next to The Hub in Bognor.

* You can opt-out of membership. For more information contact

Best Bar None 

The Best Bar None scheme seeks to demonstrate NUSSL’s commitment to taking the welfare of students very seriously, and assisting students’ unions in improving operational procedures in relation to the responsible retail of alcohol. The 2012/13 Awards were presented during the annual dinner of NUSSL Convention.

This year, six students’ unions were accredited with a Gold Award for demonstrating their commitment to the responsible retail of alcohol, fulfilling 93% or more of the scheme’s stated criteria. The standards across these venues were very high – each displaying a lack of obvious drunkenness, and cultivating a sense of safety, as well as being adequately lit, comfortable, and well-staffed. For placing such importance on the welfare of their students in a licenced venue, we’re pleased to accredit the Best Bar None Gold Award to:

  • Zee Bar at Chichester Students’ Union
  • The Academy at Derby Students’ Union
  • Asylum at Durham Students’ Union
  • Scholars Bar at Liverpool Students’ Union
  • Scruffy Squirrel at Keele Students’ Union
  • Sub:lime at Plymouth Students’ Union