Apply to us and we guarantee you a place in Halls.

If you apply to us and make us your first choice by 15th January 2015 we will guarantee you a room in our Halls of Residence for your first year of study. 

Apply for your accommodation.

Need some guidance? Follow our instructions on applying for accommodation

We offer a range of accommodation options and full support in choosing the right combination for you. All of our Halls of Residence and University accommodation are professionally managed, secure and supported by our team in the Accommodation Office 24/7, so you will feel right at home. 

To be eligible for our guarantee, you need to be able to tick all of these boxes:

  • Be in your first year of study
  • Be studying full time
  • Have submitted your UCAS application before the January deadline
  • Received an offer of a place
  • Made Chichester your first choice

What happens if you apply after the 15th January?

  • If you apply after the 15th January and accept an offer from us before Clearing, we guarantee that we will find you University accommodation.

What happens if you make us your insurance choice?

  • We guarantee that we will find you a room in University accommodation. 

Contact the Accommodation Office for more information