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Frequently asked questions

How will I receive an invitation?

How do I access the online booking form?

I cannot access the online form, does that mean I am not eligible to graduate?

I cannot access my ChiView account

Should I wait until I get my results before I register online?

I am unable/ do not wish to attend

What should I do if I have an outstanding debt to the University?

Am I able to get a refund for my guest tickets?

Can I apply for additional tickets?

When will I know if I have been allocated additional tickets?

I have not received my guest tickets

I have lost the receipt for my guest tickets

I have submitted my graduation booking form and wish to make some changes

How do I order my academic dress?

What is the deadline for ordering academic dress?

When and where do I collect my academic dress?

What do I wear with my academic dress?

Are children permitted to attend the ceremonies?

When are the graduation ceremonies taking place?

When and where will my ceremony be held?

How to get your certificate if you don’t attend your ceremony or need it before the ceremonies take place

If you have not already received your certificate it will be given you to at your award ceremony or, if you are graduating in absentia (in absence), your certificate will be posted to you after the ceremonies. If you need your certificate sooner please email

If you want to purchase a certificate tube in which to keep your certificate, they can be found among other merchandise available at the venue on the day, or from the Shop on Bishop Otter Campus.

If you do not receive your certificate within six weeks after your ceremony date please contact the Examinations Team at

I need a transcript what do I do?

A copy of your transcript is available on your ChiView Graduation page.

Data protection

In respect of all eligible finalists, whether attending or not attending a graduation ceremony:

  • Name and award title (but not your classification) will be included in the University's graduation programme
  • Name will be printed on the University's 'Year of 2019' hoody
  • Name and award title (but not your classification) will be included in the Chichester Observer newspaper

The University has an active Alumni Community which works in conjunction with the University Careers Advice Service. You will be given the option ‘opt out’ of having your details to be passed on the University of Chichester Alumni Community and Careers and Employability Service.

If you object to these uses of your personal data you will be requested to use the opt-out boxes on your graduation booking form or send details in writing or by email to the Graduation Office by 28 June 2019 for undergraduate ceremonies and 6 September 2019 for postgraduate ceremonies.

A copy of the University’s data protection policy is available on our Policies page.

If you require more information, have any queries or need further advice regarding the use of your personal data for graduation purposes, you can email the graduation office at or phone 01243 812155.

There may be a University photographer present at the event and any photographs taken may appear in University printed publications, our website and social media for publicity and marketing.

If you do not want your photograph taken please let the photographer know.