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Teachers and Advisors

We have devised a support system specifically for parents, carers, teachers and advisors.

Support for your Parents and Carers

To complement the student experience we have devised the following support specifically for parents and carers:

  • Attendance at parents and carers evenings
  • Information, Advice and Guidance sessions
  • Campus visits for parents carers
  • Open Day visits
  • UCAS presentations and workshops
  • Parents and carers focused finance presentations

This collaboration encourages dialogue around progression routes between parents, carers and their young person, increasing their confidence and to be able to support their young person through the myriad of choices and decisions available to them. 

Support for your Institution and Staff

The following support packages for teachers, carers, advisors and support staff will compliment and assist the delivery of the LPF: 

  • An INSET training session aimed at informing staff within a school or college of the range of Access and Outreach initiatives on offer at the University of Chichester 
  • Annual conference for partner school or college involved in the Access and Outreach Programme
  • Provision of relevant, current Information, Advice and Guidance for your school within a changing landscape
  • UCAS and Student Finance updates and support 
  • Access to the South Coast Career Network Hub
  • Personal statement and reference CPD sessions in your institution or on campus

Find out more about the Teachers and Advisors Conference

Find out more about the Sussex Coast Careers Network

To find out how we can support your school, please contact our Access and Outreach Team on 01243 812079 or email