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History of the Collections

Discover the wide range of exhibitions that have previously appeared at the Otter Gallery. 

17 February - 15 April 2018

On the Streets of Athens: Art, Protest, Political Crisis

This exhibition was based upon the observations of its two curators, Dick Ellis and Hugo Frey, who visited Athens regularly from 2010 onwards, and walked the city's streets and talked to its residents. What struck Dick and Hugo was the turmoil: in terms of shop and business closures, rough sleeping, strikes and protests (including rioting). A key sign of these changes was the way in which graffiti became increasingly prominent, often smothering the walls and empty shop-fronts. Dick and Hugo recorded their observations on camera, particularly the way graffiti evolved in overlapping waves: tagging; political dissent; street art; international solidarity, and support for refugees. The streets of Athens became a palimpsest of overlaid, inter-related graffiti, and this exhibition seeks to reflect these engagements, and their sometimes breath-taking results, as austerity Athens became and still is the most exciting in the world for graffiti artists. 

9 December - 11 February 2018

Solvitur Ambulando 

Solvitur Ambulando is a collaborative exhibition showcasing artwork from nine MA students displaying a variety of current research. It is an eclectic overview of work giving insight into developing practice witin the postgraduate programme. 

18 February - 9 April 2017

Women Artists: Power and Presence

This unique exhibition of selected work from the complementary collections held by the University of Chichester and Swindon Museum and Art Gallery, and private collectors uncovers and celebrates the contributions of women artists to the spirit and practice of British Art over the past 100 years. It focuses on the backstories, the subtext, the overlooked.

20 June - 9 October 2016  

Bishop Otter Collection

A celebration, of the early development of the University of Chichester's Bishop Otter 20th Century Collection of British Art, 20 June 2016-Sunday 9 October 2016  

30 April – 10 June 2016

deSTEM: de Selby's Theories of the Exchange of Molecules

deSTEM is the selected undergraduate exhibition, showing recent works by Level 4 and 5 Fine Art students (first and second years) at the University of Chichester and curated by Senior Lecturer Christopher McHugh. 

6 February to 19 April 2016

Circles of Influence - British Art 1915-50: A Diarist’s Perspective

This major exhibition is based on the diaries of the distinguished artist and influential teacher Randolph  Schwabe.who was Professor and Principal of the Slade School of Art from 1930-48.

9 October - 6 December 2015

Tahera Aziz: [re]locate

The tragic events surrounding the racially motivated murder of the black teenager Stephen Lawrence, who was stabbed to death while waiting for a bus in 1993, are revisited in a new art installation at the University of Chichester’s Otter Gallery from 9 October to 6 December.