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5.1 Policies and procedures for conducting University business

5.1.1 Codes of practice

5.1.2 Memoranda of Understanding

The University of Chichester welcomes the opportunity to work collaboratively with other educational institutions and business organisations.

The University has entered into business and exchange relationships with a number of external bodies.  

The authority levels for signing memoranda are set out in the University’s Financial Regulations according to the cost or level of investment anticipated.

5.1.3 Procedural rules

The University has established policies and procedures for the conduct of its business. These are updated from time to time or where there is a change of circumstance. Links to Rules and Policies are available through the relevant section of the Publication Scheme.

5.1.4 Procedure for FOI requests

Requests made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 should be posted to the Freedom of Information officer at the Bishop Otter Campus address listed on page 1 of this Publication Scheme. Requests can also be emailed to

The Request will be recorded on the Disclosure Log and allocated a number – FOI-year-no (eg. FOI-2013-35). The request will be acknowledged and the FOI Officer will prepare a pro forma which covers the information requested. The pro forma will be sent to one or more staff for them to capture the data within the timeframe specified. For Freedom of Information requests, this is 20 working days from the day after receipt; for requests under the Environmental Information Regulations, the timetable can extend from 20 to 40 working days depending on the complexity of the Request.  All responses to Requests are issued via the FOI Officer to ensure they comply with the duty placed on the University to be open and transparent and subject to any overriding aspects such as Data Protection, commercial or contractual sensitivity.