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Welcome to Inclusivity, Equality and Diversity

Our Mission

Defined within the ‘University’s Strategy ‘Twenty-Twenty Vision: 2013 to 2020’ our mission is to be: ‘A university community that inspires and enables individuals to exceed their expectations’.

To achieve this we recognise that we need to be a University that celebrates diversity and ensures that all of our students, staff and stakeholders feel that they are a member of an inclusive community where individuals can be proud of their own identity and work in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

We also believe that the University should have a positive impact on our local and regional communities.

Our Values

The following excerpt from the Strategy highlights the University’s commitment to create a truly inclusive University which celebrates diversity:

‘It is a fundamental tenet of our values that education can transform people and society as well as having a profound impact on social mobility. This is why we believe passionately that higher education should be open to everyone who has the ability and desire to benefit. We also know that our community, and learning itself, is enriched by the perspectives of people from diverse backgrounds and it is this knowledge that underpins our commitment to reducing the real and perceived barriers to accessing university’.

The full strategy document is available to download. 


The University’s passion for inclusivity can be evidenced in its Inclusivity, Equality and Diversity Annual Reports published each year since 2009.

Our reports summarise the equality, diversity and inclusivity experience and activity for each academic year and the University’s ambitions for future years.

Visit our Equality and Diversity Documentation page for more information.