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Retention and Completion


The University of Chichester has an award winning student retention rate. The national measure for retention (shown in the table below) looks at whether students drop out in their first year or go onto their second year of study. We are proud that our students not only excel at this indicator but also go on to complete their course, gain their award, and continue to succeed in their life after University.

(See here for more details on retention rates and other national performance indicators.)


% of population 


% of population

UK Average

Students still in higher education the year after entry    
Young 94.8% 93.8%
Mature 92.3% 88.3%
All students 94.3% 92.6%

Statistics provided by the Planning Department using 2015/16 HESA Performance Indicators

Qualifications Awarded

The number of students who complete their course and leave the University of Chichester with the qualification they came here to gain is reassuringly high. This is due, in no small part, to the dedication of our students and the commitment of our staff.

For those students studying for an undergraduate degree, we also measure the percentage who gain what the media terms a “good honours” degree – a first class or upper second class award. 


% of population


% of population


Students leaving with the qualification they were aiming for    
Undergraduates 93.3% 94.0%
Postgraduates 92.2% 94.2%
All students 93.1% 94.1%
Degree classification    
Undergraduates gaining a first or upper second degree 70.1% 71.5%

Statistics provided by the Planning Department using HESA data