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Business Knowledge Network

At the University of Chichester we run a number of events for businesses in West Sussex. Some are for start up businesses (Business Boot Camps) and others for established businesses. 

The University of Chichester Business School runs the Business Knowledge Network. The network is aimed at all businesses and organisations that want to come along and meet other businesses, learn from the months 'Hot Topic', drink tea and eat cake. 

Our aim is that you will take away at least one idea that you can implement in your business each month, either from the guest speaker or from networking with your business peers and our in-house experts.


5 Top Tips for Sales

Sales is something that nearly everyone struggles with. It is something that we are always doing, selling and pitching. Whether that is for work, business or family and friends. If you are not generating sales in your business then you won't have a business for long. 

In this month's event, we are going to try and unpack 5 key things that you should be considering when selling. This will which will then be followed up with a group discussion and Q&A where we can discuss, as group, what has worked for you and how you have achieved more sales. 

What is holding you back from creating more sales?

What has helped you achieve more sales? 

The talk will be delivered by Gareth Sear - Business Start Up Manager as the University of Chichester Business School. Gareth has been working in Business Support for the last 10 or so year, helping business to achieve growth. 

Prior to this, he has held various sales positions from Key Account Management to Recruitment and Retail Management.

Places are limited, so make sure you reserve your FREE place now. Book Now 


  • 30th January 2019
  • 27th February 2019
  • 24th April 2019
  • 29th May 2019
  • 29th June 2019
  • 31st July 2019



It should just be a hot topic for one month it should permanently be a hot topic. Why? Because everything about your marketing is about content. It always has been really, it’s just now it seems to have become more important, especially if you want to get good Search Engine Results Page rank.

What is content?

Content is the stuff you create or curate (take from elsewhere) that enhances your marketing messages to your customer segments. It can be in many formats;

1. Text: People like text. We still like to read. The search engines like text. They like to read and absorb what you are writing, ready to show it to someone who is searching for what you are writing.

2. Pictures / Images: People love pictures and images. One in four searches on Google is for an image. They say an image says a thousand words.  Images bring your content to life. They add colour and vibrancy to your content. Search engines also love images. (However you need to be careful to tell a search engine what the image is)

3. Video: People absolutely love and adore video.  The biggest video platform on the web, You Tube has 400 hours of video uploaded every minute. 3 billion searches a month. A billion users. Search engines and Facebook absolutely love and adore video.

There are many other different types of content you can create to get your marketing message across. Have a read of the Content Periodical Table from E-Consultancy for ideas.

Why you need content

You need content to inform, educate, entertain and engage your customer segments. The more you engage with them, the more they are likely to buy from you.  Content will also help you to retain your current customers and get them to buy from you again.

If you want your website to rank well in the search engine results pages then you need to add content to your website. Regularly. Search engines like website that are continually updated, it shows you care about your website and your customers. If you care about your website and customers then the search engines will care about you. The more content you have that is fresh, relevant and original the more they will care about you.

With content on your website you can share pages from your website through other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. The can help you reach new customers.

Creating content

Always focus on how you are creating value for your customers and what you want them to do. Where are they in the buying cycles? You may have different types of content for customers at different stages. Think, are you reaching out to new customers, are you trying to get them to buy or are you keeping current customers engaged?

To get ideas for content:

  • Do some ‘keyword’ research – find out what people looking for your business are searching on. This will give you ideas.
  • Look at what other people in your sector are doing with regards to content. Follow their example.
  • Invite some friends over for dinner and a glass (or two) of wine. Put up a white board and brainstorm ideas for content.
  • What is in the news that you can create content from? Always keep an eye on what is trending and what is happening in current affairs. You’ll be amazed at how much this can inspire content creation.
  • A great tool to look at is Google Trends.

Just a brief look at content creation. I read recently that a business now, before anything else, must now be a digital media company.  I believe that this is true.

Enjoy your content creating and may it bring you the joys of a successful business.

Previous Business Network events

  • March 2017 Small Universities: The Engines of Regional Growth with Prof Dave Cooper
  • April 2017 The Customers Journey Through your Website with Charlie McBroom
  • May 2017 LinkedIn for Businesses with Lionel Bunting
  • October 2016 – Purple Goldfish and the Art of Service Excellent with Dr Andy Clegg
  • September 2016 –  Innovate or Fail – panel discussion on Innovation in partnership with MDHUB​
  • July 2016 - Creating Compelling Content
  • June 2016 - Harnessing the power of Email Marketing
  • May 2016 - Business Round Table
  • April 2016 - Selling your Shareholding, Selling your Soul - expert panel discussion in partnerhip with MDHUB​
  • March 2016 - Phil Packer MBE - His story and how he founded the British Inspiration Trust. Read a great article from Savvy Communications on the top ten things she took away from the talk.
  • February 2016 - Pitching your business. 6 people pitching. Who will you buy from? 
  • January 2016 - Business Round Table. Continuing our programme of small group business discussions. 
  • December 2015 - Doing Business in China, David Martin, British-China Council
  • November 2015 - The Power of Mail in the Digital Age, Jonathan Harman Managing Director, Media at Royal Mail Group
  • October 2015 - Cyber Security. Stuart Hutchinson, IT Forensic Analyst
  • September 2015 - Innovation. Where next? David Goodman, Senior Lecturer in Management and Strategy

Presenting at business events in Sussex

Horsham Microbiz

This excellent event has run for 13 years and provides an opportunity for micro and home based businesses to find out what support they can get to grow and develop their business. There are over 40 organisations and numerous talks - and all for free.

We were proud to have been sponsors and speakers at the last ten events. Topics have included: 

  • Models not Plans - how the business model canvas can make a difference 
  • Where do business ideas come from? 
  • SEO in 30 minutes 
  • AdWords in 30 minutes 
  • The Real Me. How to identify and fill gaps in your business knowledge. 
  • Business Plans in 30 minutes 

West Sussex Social Enterprise Network Conference

We believe passionately in the work that Social Enterprises do. The West Sussex support organisation for Social Enterprises invited us to run a seminar on the topic of 'Pricing You Products and Services' with Social Enterprises in mind. The workshop was interactive and informative, with plenty of useful information on what to consider when you are developing your pricing strategy.

At the  2016 conference we were pleased to be part of the team that delivered the conference 'Getting your message across'. We delivered powerful workshop sessions on 'Verbal Business Cards', by Dr Lyn Batchelor and a Digital Marketing Workshop by Gareth Sear. 

West Sussex Social Enterprise Network Crowdfunding Conference

We believe passionately in the work that Social Enterprises do. The West Sussex support organisation for Social Enterprises invited us to run a seminar on the topic of 'Pricing You Products and Services' with Social Enterprises in mind. The workshop was interactive and informative, with plenty of useful information on what to consider when you are developing your pricing strategy.

We want to talk at your events!

At The Dome Enterprise Centre and the University of Chichester we are always happy to deliver interesting, inspiring and informative talks, workshops or guest lectures at conferences, networking events and exhibitions.

Let us know how we can get involved at your event! Call 01243 812041 or email


We have put together a list of other useful Business Network Events occurring in and around the Chichester and Bognor area (please note that these are not run by University of Chichester):

Bognor Regis District Chamber of Commerce

The Bognor Regis Chamber of Commerce meets on the 2nd Friday of each month a breakfast meeting at 7.00am. There is a hot breakfast available and a guest speaker. All businesses are welcome, even non-members (for your first two breakfasts!) for more information please email: 


First Friday Networking Event

As the names suggests this network event occurs the first Friday of each month and is held at the Nags Head pub in Chichester at 1pm please visit the following link for further details: First Friday Information

Chichester Chamber of Commerce

Chichester Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) liaises with the District Council and other partnerships on behalf of businesses in and around the City, to ensure the continued economic prosperity of the area. Our monthly Chamber evening meetings and breakfast meetings feature guest speakers and provide great opportunities for networking, to follow these networking events please visit the following: Chichester Chamber Business Events. Our newsletter provides information to a wider audience.

CCCI encourages a culture of best practice, sustainable growth and actively works with the community and tourism to ensure that Chichester remains an attractive place to live, visit and to do business. If you would like to develop your business and have your say, join CCCI and help make a difference. CCCI or telephone: 01243 531765.

Arun Business Partnership

To follow The Arun Business Partnership networking events please visit the following link: Arun Business Partnership - for information on their fun, free quarterly networking events and other social events. 

The Business Interchange 

Based in Bognor Regis and held at the Beachcroft Hotel, a fortnightly business breakfast networking session. For more information please see their website