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Research Supervisors

The Business School offers research supervision in the following subject areas:



Field of Study

Dr Janet McCray
(Reader, Social and Health Care)
PhD, MSc, BSc, CertEd, RNLD, RNT Collaborative or multi-professional leadership in social and health care, newly-emerging partnerships with independent and voluntary sectors in social and health care workforce development.
Professor Nik Chmiel
D.Phil, BSc, BSc C.Occ.Psych Workplace organization, management, and working conditions influence on employee engagement, health and safety.
Dr David Cooper
PhD Management in human services and inter-professional settings; project implementation.
Dr Michel Lesure
PhD, MBA  Management in Human Services, Inter-organisational relations  project implementation.
Dr Dawn Robins (Business) PhD, MARes, BA  Transport and mobility, regional and behavioural economics, business clustering and utility organisation and regulation

Dr Lyn Batchelor


 PhD, BBus Enterprise, entrepreneurship and business and organisation management 


Dr Rob Warwick  (Business) DMan, MBA, BSc, FRSA, FRSPH Knowledge management, leadership, strategy, reflexivity in research and practice, action research and action learning
Dr Jorge Gutic PhD, MSc Tourism management in fragile natural and cultural destinations, Information interpretation for visitor management, Adventure tourism, Risk management in tourism, Sustainable tourism
Stakeholder identification and assessment.