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BA (Hons) Marketing and Tourism Management

Delivered by staff who have a passion for tourism management and marketing, and a commitment to the quality of your University experience, our BSc (Hons) in Tourism Management and Marketing is designed to equip you with the relevant knowledge, skills and competencies that will enable you to confidently and pro-actively engage with a wide range of industry stakeholders to support the successful delivery of tourism development and marketing strategies.  

We are different! Compared to many other degree programmes, we offer a specific focus on sustainability, reflecting the increasing industry emphasis being placed on sustainable development.


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College C58


Course Length:

Full Time

Entry Requirements 2018

Typical Offer (individual offers may vary):

  • A levels: BBC – CCC
  • A level / BTEC / Cambridge Technical / Cambridge Technical combination (including AS / EPQ): 96 to 112 UCAS Tariff Points
  • BTEC / Cambridge Technical / Cambridge Technical: DDM - MMM
  • GCSEs: English language and mathematics at grade C or better
  • International Baccalaureate: 28 points
  • Access to HE Diploma to HE Diploma: Pass with at least 15 credits at Merit
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Course content

Your success is of paramount importance to us, and we take your experience, professional development, and future career prospects very seriously, and our degree has been designed with you at the heart of what we do. 

Quite simply by studying with us you will gain applied experience of sustainable tourism management and marketing that will allow you to exceed expectations of industry employers.  Share our passion for sustainability, and become a sustainability superhero, empowered with the skills and knowledge to make an active contribution to a fairer, greener and smarter global tourism economy.

Our emphasis on theory to practice is designed to ensure that you become highly-qualified with sound academic and vocational experience to drive forward the wider sector adoption and implementation of sustainable tourism strategies.  Our Tourism Management and Marketing degree has a distinctively applied focus, and our approach to learning and teaching is informed by the practical and industry-based expertise of staff.  Our particular specialism in sustainable tourism and sustainable destination management, has been informed by industry recognised and endorsed frameworks for sustainable tourism management developed by Visit Britain.

The programme is designed to introduce you to the key sustainability and marketing challenges facing the different sectors of the tourism industry, and to consider the sustainable management of both tourism businesses and destinations.  The tourism industry is constantly changing, and being able to adapt to these changes is critical for future industry professionals aspiring to manage and market tourism destinations and businesses.

Drawing on established industry frameworks around the management of sustainable tourism, the programme is designed to ensure that you acquire the relevant skills and experience to work within this diverse sector. Our goal is to move beyond the textbook and provide you with a realistic and applied consideration of the practical realities of managing and marketing sustainable tourism businesses and destinations.   

You will study a broad-based curriculum that builds upon a number of key subject area themes that are revisited as the programme develops.  Indicative areas such as sustainable development, destination management, digital campaign planning, and visitor and experience management are developed through the various levels in a coherent manner that reinforces the overall structure of the programme.  In addition to a three-year route, you can also take the degree over four years. This route provides an opportunity for you to undertake a 48-week paid work placement in the third year of your studies. 

Whilst there is no academic credit accumulation associated with the work placement, you will be awarded the BSc (Hons) Tourism Management and Marketing - Professional Placement award on the successful completion of your degree programme.  The work placement allows you the opportunity to experience the world of work over an extended period, and to develop further skills that are likely to enhance your employability at the end of your programme of study.

Staff are industry practitioners, and this engagement with industry affords a distinct vocational focus, and places great emphasis on you having direct contact with the tourism industry and wider business community through applied assessment, fieldtrips and a programme of guest speakers. We offer a supportive learning environment, which is primarily based around small group workshop activity. Modules are designed to be active and experiential, so that the skills and knowledge you develop can be implemented within a realistic management, business or destination context.

Assessment is frequently tied to management and destination-based scenarios, and in your final year, you will have the opportunity to undertake ‘live’ projects for clients in the local tourism industry. Staff in the department are also established industry trainers for Tourism South East, and this provides you with the opportunity to gain certification in a range of training programmes accredited by the Welcome to Excellence Programme – a valuable addition to the CV!

The degree programme also draws on a range of generic business subjects, for example marketing and management, which are taken alongside specialist Tourism Management modules.  This approach is designed is to provide you with more generic transferable business and management skills that will further enhance your employability. In the final year of the programme you are able to demonstrate your acquired knowledge and skills through the completion of your undergraduate research project, or through applied marketing projects for industry clients through our Agency Life module.

We are also fortunate to be based in a fantastic location to study sustainable tourism management and marketing.  With national and international fieldtrips offered as part of the programme and with Chichester Harbour, the South Downs National park, the resort environment of Bognor Regis and the historic town of Chichester on our doorstep, we place great emphasis on a practical, hands-on approach to learning and teaching aimed at developing the skills and knowledge that you will need in your future profession within a realistic, sometimes challenging, but always engaging management, business or destination context.

Developing the relevant subject knowledge, combined with the skills and experience that employers are looking for, is key to enhancing your employability. We believe that vital to this process is the need for you to reflect upon your own learning as it takes place, and through this develop the ability to apply your skills and understanding with confidence. Accordingly, students have the opportunity to experience typical workplaces through work placement opportunities. In addition a student may opt for a full-year placement where they can gain valuable employment experience in an area that they are considering for future employment.

Our Flickr has lots of photos of what our Tourism Management and Marketing students have been up to.

Our facilities

You will undertake your marketing workshops in training rooms that are bang up-to-date with design features, touch screen electronic white boards and high speed wifi; housed across three stunning Georgian mansions.

All of our current students love the learning environment, the culture, camaraderie and the fact that tutors know them by name so they are more than just a ‘face in the crowd’.

What's more you have lots of other facilities on this dedicated university campus including latest books, journals and online data in a truly modern library, an IT centre, a student zone complete with Costa Coffee, a gym and much more, oh and if that’s not quite enough for your needs we are just across the road from the beach - brilliant for creativity and inspiration.

Where this can take you

Alumni receive a 15% discount on postgraduate courses at Chichester.

Course accreditations

Teaching and assessment

The transition to Higher Education can often be a daunting prospect. We offer a close-knit, student-centred academic community, and you will be taught in a small, friendly and supportive environment. Our approach is distinctive to that adopted by many universities. To us students are not just a ‘face in the crowd’, and we take pride not only in the supportive learning environment that we provide but also engaging with you as active partners in the learning process to help you achieve your potential. We avoid mass lectures and instead our approach focuses on relatively small group learning that we believe is better suited to supporting your learning. The programme builds upon the strong reputation that Chichester has earned for delivering high quality courses of study in a supportive and friendly environment.

It is unusual within the university sector to have an emphasis on providing a learning environment based almost entirely around small, workshop-based group sessions. Typically, these last two to three hours in length and allow students and tutors to explore areas in more depth than would be possible in the ‘traditional’ lecture room environment.  The format of these sessions also provides an opportunity for a more applied and creative approach to learning and teaching, and you will experience a range of different pedagogies, reflecting the interests and expertise of staff within the Business School.

We are proud of our ability to be able to develop your learning in such a way, and believe it is one of the key areas that differentiates us from most higher education universities and colleges. Developing the relevant subject area knowledge, combined with the skills and experience that employers are looking for, is key to enhancing your employability. We believe that vital to this process is the need for you to reflect upon your own learning as it takes place, and through this develop the ability to apply your skills and understanding with confidence.

Many potential graduates often have stereotypical ideas about the nature of assessment in Higher Education. We give considerable emphasis to a wide range of imaginative and innovative assessment strategies. The assessment strategy adopted for BSc (Hons) Tourism Management and Marketing degree is one where you experience a broad range of assessment forms at an appropriate level as you progress through the degree.

The general nature of assessment changes in that the forms of assessment are designed to reinforce the emphasis towards more independent learning through the various levels. Typical types of assessment include research projects, team work, seminar presentations, poster presentations, fieldwork reports and podcast production.  Most modules will incorporate more than one assessment type.

Our links with the local tourism industry extend into assessment design to ensure that tasks are realistic and reflect the type of work graduates could typically find themselves doing upon graduation into the tourism sector. Wherever possible, student  assessment is based around ‘real-life’ business situations. For example, as part of the assessment for Purple Goldfish and the Art of Service Excellence you will asked to complete an on-site quality audit at a local tourist attraction.  These industry links also allow us to encourage you to undertake final year dissertations as consultancy projects for local tourism businesses.

The programme team is committed to positive innovation in assessment. However, the team is aware of the risk of being innovative purely for the sake of innovation. The primary focus when designing assessment tasks has been to ensure the appropriateness of the assessment in enabling you to demonstrate your achievement of the learning outcomes through undertaking authentic tasks that will also serve to enhance your employability.

Additional Costs

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