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1 Year Internship

The placements office can help businesses of all sizes by advertising 1 Year Internship opportunities to our Undergraduate Students looking for a Year 3 placement.  We assist in the promotion of your vacancies direct to all relevant business students.  Work placement gives students the opportunity to implement skills and knowledge gained during their time on campus in a real-world setting.

Benefits for Employers

Our students are looking for a full time paid internship in roles that offers a position of responsibility suitable for an undergraduate student.  There are many benefits for you and your organisation:

  • Cost effective way of recruiting intelligent, keen, motivated and ambitious staff.
  • Students have a range of skills and knowledge in a variety of subject areas including:
    • Event Management, 
    • Marketing,
    • Human Resource Management (HRM),
    • Tourism Management,
    • IT Management,
    • Accounting and Finance,
    • Business Research,
    • Web Design 
    • Business Communications.
  • Students can offer applied and current knowledge from their studies, with full support from their tutors.
  • Students can focus on a single project that other members of staff cannot afford to spend time on.
  • When the year is complete, the student returns to University. There is no need for redeployment.
  • Students can cover for a member of staff taking paternity or maternity leave. Your work placement student can cover for long-term illness.
  • Positions can be refilled year on year if required.

What do you need to provide?

  • A job role deemed suitable for a Business and Management undergraduate student (in consultation with University tutors). 
  • A salary – at least minimum wage.
  • A mentor and/or line manager who will monitor the student’s development during their internship and write a short report on their progress. Although monitoring and guidance is required, many students are self-starters and will not require detailed daily supervision. Students are contacted by academic staff to ensure that the placement is achieving its objectives.
  • At least two formal reviews, typically prior to placement visits.
  • An induction into the workplace.
  • A healthy and safe working environment.  A Health and Safety certificate will need to be completed.
  • A desk and a PC with Internet access.
  • Effectively students are employed. Therefore employment law applies as it would with any other employee. 

When do they start?

Internships begin between early May and late August in any academic year. Students complete their work placement after 48 working weeks and return to University to complete their degrees. The student will be visited at least twice on placement by the placement office and/or a Tutor.

Requesting a placement student

The Placements Office will advertise vacancies to students who must apply to any of the advertised vacancies they are interested in and follow each company’s own recruitment process. We start advertising placement vacancies at the beginning of each academic year (September) and continue to advertise vacancies right up until the end of August.

More Information

For more information please contact the Business School Placement Office.