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10 Week Work Placement

The majority of our business and management programmes offer our students the opportunity to undertake a 10-week full-time work placement as they begin the final semester of their degree. Placements begin mid-January each year and run until the end of March.  Whilst on placement the students focus on a management project which is normally concerned with investigating management issues within the organisation.

Benefits for employers

There are many benefits for employers:

  • Students have a range of skills and knowledge in a variety of subject areas including marketing, human resource management (HRM), tourism management, IT management, accounting and finance, business research, web design and business communications.
  • Students can focus on a single project that other members of staff cannot afford to spend time on i.e. their Management Project.
  • When the project is complete, the student returns to University.

What is the Management Project?

The management project is the capstone of the BA Honours degree.  The main focus of the work placement is the management project although students are expected to fully participate in routine day to day work requirements.  While every project is different students typically spend half their time on research for their project and half their time on day to day work for their employer.  It is a specific project which is the result of negotiation between the employer, student and tutor. 

The placement and project must be suitable for Business and Management Students who are about to complete the final part of their Honours Degree.  All students will have completed a Business Research module and the Management Project allows students to demonstrate their capacity for sustained independent thought, learning and critical reflection in a major piece of work.

The project chosen will normally be concerned with the investigation of one or more management issues within a public, charitable or private sector organisation.  Students work on their management project during the September-Christmas semester in class.  Ideally work placements are confirmed early on in this process, however we can accept placement opportunities until November.

Students on placement will have a supervising tutor and are able to have up to six hours supervision over the 10 weeks which may take place, either in the work place or the university.  Students are also required to return to university for four compulsory workshops (normally 1 full day and two half days) during the 10-week period.

Students will also focus upon their personal development using a learning log. The log will enable them to focus upon and improve two management skills whilst they are with you. Log writing should only occupy 1 – 2 hours of work time per week.

What do you need to provide?

  • Think of students as professional employees with a role and a purpose. Our students are University interns.
  • Any out of pocket expenses for duties undertaken as part of their job.
  • A mentor and/or line manager that will proactively support our student.
  • A basic induction.
  • A healthy and safe working environment.
  • A job role deemed suitable for a Business and Management undergraduate student (in consultation with University tutors)
  • A desk and a PC with Internet access.
  • Whilst wages are not compulsory, some employers do pay an appropriate salary for the role.  Others will pay reasonable commuting expenses.

Requesting a 10 week work placement student

Please download the document ‘Information for Employers’ and complete the placement offer form and return to the placement office. If you have not already had a visit from the placement staff and depending on your location we will contact you to either arrange a meeting at your premises or arrange a phone or Skype conversation.

Once the placement has been approved we will advertise the placement to our students and manage the applications before forwarding to you for your consideration. You can then select and interview in accordance with your own policies. 

What happens next?

Once you have selected your student and briefed them on the project and job role, they will complete a Learning Agreement which is signed by yourself, the student and the University.  You will also have to complete a Health and Safety certificate, and a risk assessment of your premises may be required.

The student will then work on the outline of their Management Project in class, in consultation with yourselves, reporting their progress to you as required until the end of the semester at Christmas.

The student will then report for work in January.

For more information please contact the Business School Placement Office.