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Why go on Work Placement?

Work placement has many benefits for students:

  • You get the opportunity to put the academic knowledge and skills learned during your degree into practice.
  • It can be cited on your curriculum vitae and may help you stand out from the crowd when you begin your career.
  • You may get a better job when you graduate.
  • You earn extra income from paid work placement.
  • You can test out a career option.
  • Improve your Personal Development Planning (PDP) skills.
  • You feel more confident working with others in teams and groups.
  • You develop key employability and ‘soft’ skills.
  • You bridge the gap between University and the working world.
  • You’ll make new friends and contacts.

How do I find a work placement?

It is the responsibility of students to find a suitable placement opportunity of their own. The placement office will support your search and advertise many local opportunities, which are often only advertised to University of Chichester students. We run modules and workshops which will help you to find a work placement.

One-to-one support is available via e-mail or pre-arranged tutorials.  Such meetings could be used to discuss progress on finding a suitable opportunity and for feedback on letters and CVs.

Will I earn a salary?

The average salary for a 1 year internship is around £16,000.  Students working in London have earned £27,000.  Some students earn more, some less - we will only advertise 1 year internship opportunities that pay at least the minimum wage.  10 week work placements do not have to be salaried, although some organisations do pay a wage or bonus at the end and many will cover commuting expenses. 

Students will pay reduced fees during their 1 year internship.

How is the placement assessed/monitored?

Your placement is assessed by an assignment which allows you to reflect upon the learning from your course and your personal development process.  The work placement is supported by your placement tutor, your supervisor or mentor at work and the work placement office.

Benefits for the final year of study?

Students returning from work placement find that their confidence has grown enormously and that their communication skills, report writing and time management are very much improved.

Organisations often offer students a graduate scheme place or job on completion of their degree which means students can concentrate on completing their final year without worrying about job hunting.

More Information

For further details please contact the Business School Placement Office.