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Bognor Regis Business Start Up Course

The Arun Business Start Up Hot House Course is 6 months of full immersion and support to get you to start, develop and succeed with your ideas for making money and achieving your dreams of having your own business. Be it as a self-employed person, a freelancing, trading on line or a full Ltd company – this is the business start-up course for you.

You will attend a series of six workshops and six JFDI groups, where we focus on getting you to create action and implement your learning and ‘Just Flipping Do It’ – getting your business started!

This is then fully backed up with one to one business coaching, a professional business address based at the University and access to our co-working space and access to the University Business Knowledge Network. 

Make sure you are part of this incredible opportunity to make a real difference to your start up and your knowledge of how to start, grow and succeed. 


Dates: Every other Thursday evening, along with Peer group workshops. 

Venue: The Dome Enterprise Centre, University of Chichester Business School, Bognor Regis

Content: A series of six 2 hour Business Knowledge Workshops. Learn what it takes to be successful in your business start-up. Build the knowledge to gain the confidence to create sales, develop powerful relationships with your customers, grow, and develop your business. The workshops include:

Workshop 1- Networking, Pitching and Selling

We are always selling. We are always pitching. In everything we do. In this session we will learn the art of networking, how to go out and meet people and use your Hollywood Hello and Verbal Business Card. This is then followed up with developing your 60-second pitch until you are ‘pitch perfect’. Giving you the confidence to speak up and speak about how you can help your customers and ask for what you need.

Following this, you will learn about the sales cycles, the psychology of selling, how to close a sale and how to overcome objections.

Selling is so important and often over looked and you need to be doing it from the start of your business. Most start-ups cite this as the hardest thing they have to do and really, is the number one cause of why a start-up does not succeed. In this session, you will learn what you need to do to create the all-important sale.

What you will learn:

  • How to network effectively
  • Your 60 second business pitch
  • How to sell

Your take-aways:

  • List of local networking organisations
  • Your business pitch
  • Top tips for sales

Workshop 2 – Marketing Strategy

Workshop 3 – Marketing Tactics (Websites, Social Media, Emails)

If you are not doing digital marketing then you are missing many new customers. Digital marketing can be as simple as a presence on social media through to complex websites and digital marketing campaigns.  In this fast and furious 3 hour session you will learn some great tips on how to get a website built, how to make it ‘search engine’ friendly, why you should engage on social media, who to engage on social media and how to engage on social media. In addition, email marketing, which is still the number one way to drive sales, will be covered with some basic tips and tools to make it successful.

What you will learn and be able to use in your business:

  • The best social media platforms for your business and its customers
  • Different ways to get a website built and make it search engine friendly and customer focused
  • Why email is important and how to use it

Your take-aways:

  • A list of the main social media platforms, their demographics and 5 top tips on how to use them
  • A list of ways to get websites made and the pros and cons of each one
  • 5 top tips for making your website search engine friendly and customer focused.
  • 5 top tips for getting email addresses and how to market using them.

Workshop 4 – Legalities, Intellectual Property and Business Names

​There are many legal things to know about in business. Tax, legal structures, contracts, employing people, intellectual property and record keeping.  In this workshop, we will introduce you to all these areas of running your own business and tailor it as much as possible to the group.

What you will learn and be able to use in your business:

  • How to legally structure your business
  • What the legal implications of running your business may be
  • What HMRC (the tax office) need to know – and what you need to know about tax
  • What your intellectual property is
  • Things to consider in a contract

Your take-aways:

  • A crib sheet on the three main legal structures for a business
  • Information on intellectual property
  • A tax planner for self-employed people

Workshop 5 – Book Keeping and Cash Flow Planning

​Cash is paramount in any business and will flow in and out of your business in roughly equal amounts, but possibly at different times. It is important to understand when this will happen and a cash flow forecast is the ideal way of keeping an eye on this.  You will also need to keep financial records of everything you will do in the business. During this workshop, we will go through how to keep these records and work with you to find the best solution for you and your business. We will also touch on business banking and handling cash.

What you will learn and be able to use in your business:

  • Create a simple cash flow for your business
  • Understand bookkeeping and the best way to do it for you and your business.

Your take-aways:

  • A personal copy of your cash flow that you will have started to complete. (Bring a lap top if you have one)
  • A template of the records that you need to keep for your business

Workshop 6 – Business Planning

​We are not great lovers of business plans when you start up, but they are an inevitable part of the business development cycle. Lots of funding organisations still want to look at one and they can be a great tool to plan what you are going to do in the next 12 months. Building on what you have learnt so far on the Hot House and any information you have gleaned through trading you will be begin to develop the key sections of your business plan.

What you will learn and be able to use in your business:

  • Why and when you need a Business Plan
  • Why you don’t need to worry about a Business Plan
  • Where to go to get more support as you start and grow your business

Your take-aways:

  • Business Plan template
  • Where to go next to get business support as you grow

To book on to the Business Start Up Hot House (all or part of it), please email

Growth Groups

The Growth Groups are a key part of the Business Start Up Hot House and give you the opportunity to bring everything together that you have learn in the workshops and through developing your business start-up.

The Growth Groups brings together everyone on the course to use the ‘Hive Mind’ and learn from each other’s actions and experience. They are expertly facilitated by an experience business support professional with an extensive knowledge of business start-up. 

In these sessions, you will have the opportunity to pose you questions, business challenges to the group, and through in depth questioning and discussion by the rest of the group you should be able to develop your own solutions to test out and report at the next session. This adds to the groups ‘Hive Mind’, and helps to develop everyone’s Business Start Up Knowledge.

All sessions run from 6.30pm to 8.30pm at The Dome Enterprise Centre.

To book on to the Business Start Up Hot House (all or part of it), please email

One to One Business Advice Meetings

There is nothing like a one to one tailored meeting where the focus is totally on what you need to make the next step in starting your business.

As part of the Business Start Up Hot House you will be able to access 6 hours of personal one to one business advice from an experienced and knowledgeable business support professional.

The sessions are booked at dates and times to suit you and your needs.

To book on to the Business Start Up Hot House (all or part of it), please email