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​Microbiz is happening again in the Horsham District. Horsham Microbiz has delivered business support to micro and small businesses in the Horsham District. Whether they are pre-start, start-up or established, this was the go to business event and series of business masterclasses if you wanted to start and grow a business.

Horsham District Council took the brave move of changing the format and it is now back, with a great range of support delivered in both the urban and rural parts of the county.


This is your opportunity to get together with other business people from the Horsham District to learn from each other and learn top tips and advice from a leading industry expert, on the topics you decide.

Each session lasts for 2 hours where you will get to hear the expert share their knowledge of the chosen topic, then have the opportunity, in a facilitated session, to discuss how this knowledge can be best used to grow your business.

These intimate and powerful groups keep the same delegates for the 5 sessions, giving you the opportunity to develop strong relationships with other business people that can make a real difference to your business.

The session are action orientated and you will have two actions that you will take away to implement in your business.

The Horsham Business Support Growth Groups are aimed at businesses that are already trading and have been for more than 12 months. It will give you an opportunity to get past the plateau and achieve your next objectives.

All we need from you is commitment to the 5 sessions, an open mind, the ability to listen, the ability to question and the mind-set to grow your business over these 5 sessions.


Overcome barriers and face challenges that could prevent the smooth running of your new venture with a personal business advice session. 

These sessions are led by the Business Navigator Business Advisors. The advisors have many years of experience of either running their own businesses, running other peoples businesses or delivering business advice and consultancy.

In these sessions you will have the opportunity to explore the challenges that are holding you back and you will be able to take away from practical advice to implement in your business. You will also be given details of other organisations that will be able to help you as you grow and develop your business.

These sessions are available to any business at any stage of their development.

When you call to book your sessions you will go through a brief diagnostic to ascertain the best person to provide you with your one to one session.

You can take advantage of these sessions now by calling the Business Navigator Team and telling them you want to take advantage of the Horsham District Business Support session. Call now on 0800 9774146.


2 hours of networking with the added benefit of an expert led masterclass.

The Business Knowledge Network will 2 hours of meeting people, learning and drinking tea, coffee and eating cake. We want to ensure that you leave with some really useful information and advice that you can implement in your business immediately.

You will get to meet other people and organisations that can help you develop your business.You will meet other local business people and get to ask questions to the expert presenter.