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Do you have an idea for a new business? Or have you recently started your own business, and now you’d like support to get things off to the best start?

We offer a range of workshops across the Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership region, covering everything from business structures, legalities and tax to marketing in the digital age.

Every workshop is delivered by an experienced academic or business professional whose expertise could help your business thrive. They’re a great opportunity to meet and network with other business owners, too.

You can access any of the workshops for just £50 (plus VAT) for each day session. 

For more information about any of the workshops or to reserve your place, contact the Dome Enterprise Centre on 01243 793459 or email

Pitching your business

Making sales doesn’t need to be scary. This workshop will look at the essentials of negotiation, the impact of body language and tips to help you close that sale.

Revisiting the Business Model Canvas

Review your Business Model Canvas and assess the future goals and objectives of your business, learning how to build a business plan to achieve them.

Business structures, legalities and tax

In this session you’ll discover the pros and cons of various business structures, and learn about the key elements of the law that will impact on your business. You’ll also learn more about income tax, VAT and National Insurance, and leave the session with an understanding of how to meet your obligations without paying any more tax than necessary.

Know Your Jungle

Understand the business environment in which you work and learn how to research your market, customers and competition using the best tools available.


Find out what marketing is and isn’t. Explore tools and techniques for building a marketing strategy and developing your brand.


Cash is king in any business. Look at how to identify finance for your business, how to apply for it, and what banks and other institutions are looking for.

Marketing in the digital age

Learn about the radical changes to the ways companies find and interact with their customers. Develop your website and web-based marketing strategy and discover the power of social media.

Developing the team

Look at the art of delegation, recruitment and getting it right. Learn how to manage people, make the best use of policies and procedures, and how to avoid common problems when developing your team.

Support and information

In this session, you will find out what support is available from local and national organisations, private companies and other individuals, and how you can make the best use of that support.