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Degree Apprenticeships

What are degree apprenticeships?

Do you have students who have career ideas but don’t want to go to university? Or are they undecided about whether to go to university or out to work? Now they can do both with a degree apprenticeship.

Degree apprenticeships are a new initiative launched by the Government which enable students to combine work and study. There’s a range of business of all sizes collaborating with universities to offer degree apprenticeship opportunities. The apprentice works for four days a week and studies for a degree on one day a week. The aim is to ensure that apprentices are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and experience that employers need, now and in the future, by providing them with a balance of academic learning and on-the-job practical training.

There’s lots of information about degree apprenticeships out there. Our facts will help you get straight to the point. 

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Our apprentices benefit BAE Systems, providing a critical talent pipeline of motivated and qualified individuals. The apprentice benefits through above average remuneration whilst training with real career opportunities.
BAE Systems,

The benefits for your students

  • Work full time AND study for a degree
  • Build job-specific skills sought after by employers
  • A degree without the tuition fees
  • Set out on a long-term career path and the possibility of higher earnings