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Adventure Education

There is a strong belief in the value of outdoor and adventurous learning which is also supported by a growing body of research. Our involvement in research as well as a long history of practical experience has allowed us to develop a strong rationale for our approach to adventure education.

Outdoor and Adventurous Activity: Unlocking the Potential

This course aims to offer the developing teacher an opportunity to refresh their existing knowledge of O.A.A. This course will provide new and engaging ways to approach outdoor and adventurous activity for newly qualified and experienced teachers alike. This is a one day attendance course which aims to complement all teachers’ professional development as well as those who have a special interest in O.A.A. The structure of the day follows our philosophy of learning through experience and as such will have a very practical approach. Key learning outcomes for the day include:

  • Identify and generate meaningful learning outcomes in O.A.A
  • Structure progressive outdoor and adventurous activities that meet intended learning outcomes.
  • Gain many new and engaging learning activities to use back to school or college
  • Further your passion for learning from experience
  • Have a memorable and enjoyable day!

Price of course :

£35 per person for groups of 10 per day.

£25 per person for over 100 students.