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The European Union’s Erasmus programme offers students the chance to spend part of their degree abroad in another European country, either to study at a university or on a work placement. 

International exchanges work in the same way, except there is not an additional support grant.

Current opportunities include: 

  • York University in Toronto, Canada
  • University College of Dance in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Theatre Academy of Finland in Helsinki
  • State University of New York in Buffalo
  • Escola Superior de Dança, Lisbon Portugal

How it works

An Erasmus/International exchange can last for a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 12 months, which means students are abroad for either one semester, or one academic year. If spending one semester abroad, students normally travel during their second year of study and swap a semester at Chichester with a semester at the partner institution.

If spending the whole year abroad, students go abroad in their second year of study and then return to Chichester to complete their final year. Whilst abroad, students can either study at a partner university, or complete a work placement. If studying at a partner university, the courses taken will have to be agreed with your tutor before you leave.

You will be required to complete a form detailing which courses you plan to take and the credits each one is worth (you can get this information directly from your host university or the International department at Chichester and have it signed by your tutor at Chichester and, when you arrive in your destination, your tutor at the partner university.

The course credits that you earn whilst abroad will be translated into University of Chichester marks when you return, and will count towards your degree. If you wish, you can combine a work placement and a study period during your time abroad, as long as the total period spent abroad is between 3 and 12 months.

Grants and fees

All Erasmus students are entitled to an Erasmus grant, which is calculated on a pro rata basis, dependant on the number of months you will be spending abroad. Students studying at a partner university do not have to pay any fees to the host institution. If you are abroad for one semester, you will still have to pay fees to the University of Chichester.

However, if you are spending the whole academic year abroad, you will not have to pay any fees to the University of Chichester or your host. Participation in an exchange abroad will not affect your entitlement to a student loan.

Find out more by following Danielle Wake's blog - Suitcases and Studies. Danielle has chosen to spend her second year of the BA (hons) Dance programme at York University in Toronto