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Testimonials from current students

Find out what our current have said about the course and the modules at the University of Chichester.

What our 2014 Foundation degree graduates had to say about their experiences on the course. 

The foundation degree has introduced me to many new ideas and experiences, which have highly benefited the children attending my nursery, the practices around me and the families attending.

Danielle Wrightson, Laugh and Learn Montessori Nursery, Worthing, West Sussex.

The course has provided an extensive knowledge base and raised my levels of confidence and ability to be an effective practitioner. It has fulfilled my ambition to get a degree and with it a promotion at work.


As a full time, mature worker I thought I had missed my chance to go to University. The foundation degree gave me the opportunity to further my career and gain the degree I always wanted.

Jade Breeds.

Having worked in early years for many years I wanted to learn more to be able to enhance the setting I work in, to bring new, fresh ideas and understand news ways of working. The foundation degree helped me achieve a life long ambition to increase my knowledge in early years.


Thought provoking and motivating – I wanted my staff team to all come with me each Monday night so they could feel as inspired as I did to improve things for the children in my class. I was able to identify the theories taught, happening around me in practice.

Laura horn, Park Families Warren Park Nursery.

The Foundation degree has provided me with an extensive knowledge on various topics relating to supporting early education and professional development in early years settings.


The Foundation degree has been challenging personally and professionally. The experience has improved practice at the setting and broadened my knowledge about why we do things.  Overall it has left me with a sense of achievement.


It has been an ambition of mine to achieve a Foundation degree.  I have learnt so much more theory and what goes into legislation and how this impacts work place practise.  It is challenging, but so rewarding-I would very much recommend this course.


The FDEC has given me knowledge, information and ideas.  It has enabled me to explore and develop my own abilities as an Early Years Practtioner, boosted my confidence and inspired me to follow a new career path that I otherwise would not have felt able to do.

Vicki Barry, Chichester Nursery School, Children and Family Centre.

I would highly recommend the Early Years Foundation degree.  It has been invaluable in improving my practise, keeping up to date with changes and given me the confidence not just as a practitioner, but also personally.  I have fulfilled a lifetime ambition.


The Foundation degree has been a fantastic learning experience which has helped me professionally-working with children and other colleagues, and personally as I have gained confidence in myself both as a practitioner and an individual.

Alison Bull, Teaching Assistant, White Meadows Primary School.

Zanda and Kartina current third years from LOVEDERS Nursery School near Chichester tell us their experience in this video:

Zanda and Kartina from LOVEDERS Nursery School near Chichester from Eva Mikuska on Vimeo.

On the inclusive forest school sessions:

‘The Forest School was brilliant! It was such a good fun. I definitely going to use some of the ideas in my nursery.’

‘We went to Seeley Copse which is on the edge of the South Downs. The whole experience was amazing including the tea we cooked. We were so enthusiastic, that  after the session  we all wanted to introduce it to our setting. ‘