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Dave Swann

Dave Swann, Senior Lecturer in English (Creative Writing)

The Last Days of Johnny North (Elastic Press, 2006)

“What kind of a weird arse town spawns Jeanette Winterson, Jim Bowen, Hayley Cropper and Janice Battersby? The same that fed the warped mind and troubled soul that penned these stories. If you’ve ever walked home through drizzle soaked streets in a northern industrial town or been asked if you’re courting by an auntie that isn’t really an auntie, if you’ve ever been laughed at for asking for brown bread in a bus station cafe or got stuck to a carpet in an exotically misnamed niteclub on a terraced street...then you will find something in these brilliant stories for you.”
Julie Hesmondalgh (Coronation Street)

“David Swann is, without doubt, one of the most vivid short story writers in the UK today. He brings the landscape and voices of the North to life with an energy that catapults his characters into the universal. Pathos. Irresistible comedy. The raw and beautiful stuff of everyday life. It’s all here.”
Alison MacLeod, author of The Wave Theory of Angels (Penguin)

“[W]hat David Swann does is to make the mundane seem strange, even hallucinatory.”
David Hebblethwaite