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Professor Ben Noys

Dr Benjamin Noys, Reader in English


The Persistence of the Negative: A Critique of Contemporary Continental Theory (Edinburgh University Press, 2010)


The Culture of Death (Oxford and New York: Berg, 2005)

“All periods of western philosophy and culture have been obsessed with death, but the horror and banality of modern death calls into question the very nature of our biological existence. Clearly and accessibly written, The Culture of Death engages with pressing current political issues: the significance of concentration camps, the distinctions and similarities between democracy and totalitarianism, the phenomenon of the refugee, and the medical/philosophical criteria of actual death.” Jonathan Dollimore, author of Death, Desire and Loss in Western Culture

Georges Bataille: A Critical Introduction (London and Sterling, Virginia: Pluto Press, 2000)

“insightful and lucid” Martin Crowley, French Studies (2002)

Malign Velocities Accelerationism and Capitalism.

Against the need for speed, Malign Velocities tracks acceleration as the symptom of the ongoing crises of capitalism.

Longlisted for the BREAD AND ROSES PRIZE 2015

'The notion that 'the worse, the better' has an obvious appeal to disempowered communists in a time of capitalist crisis. Malign Velocities steps in and registers the futurist thrill of those theorists who would arrive at communism via an advanced, high tech capitalism - and registers the often disastrous results of these 'accelerations', which took us more often to Stalinism or neoliberalism than to utopia. Noys' writing is erudite, clear, and coloured by the darkest humour' ~ Owen Hatherley, author Militant Modernism, Zero Books 2009