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My name is Georgina

‘My Name is Georgina’, a film by students, staff, and professional associates of the Department of Film and Media, won Best Film in the category of Domestic Servitude at the Unchosen Human Trafficking Short Film Competition.

Unchosen is an anti-trafficking charity promoting human trafficking film campaigns nationwide.

Through film, documentaries, interviews, and Q&As, Unchosen raises awareness about domestic servitude, forced labour, child and sex trafficking happening in the UK. 

The Human Trafficking Short Film Competition invited amateur and professional filmmakers to make a short film based one of eight real life case studies.

Michael Holley, Head of Creative and Digital Technologies, explains “Human trafficking tends to be associated with sexual exploitation. We wanted to draw attention to servitude, as we felt that this ‘unseen’ form of trafficking is more relevant to our region.”

Undergraduate Media students worked with lecturers and industry professionals, including lead actress Tayo Elesin, to plan the entire project from concept to production.

“Producing ‘My Name is Georgina’ was a great experience for our students, one that provided them with invaluable experience of all aspects of film production, and they are extremely pleased to have been shortlisted!”

The film went on the road, showing screenings throughout the UK and Ireland, the details of which are listed on along with information about the charity.