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Erasmus European Exchanges

Would you like to spend part of your degree abroad, visiting exciting destinations and experiencing new cultures?

The University of Chichester holds an Erasmus Extended University Charter. Students enrolling with us therefore have the exciting opportunity (subject to outcome of application and approval by the partner institution) to take at least one semester of their BA (Hons) History/ Politics degree outside the UK in countries that are members of the European Union or part of the single market. 

The scheme provides mobility grants, which cover additional expenses of studying abroad, and students are exempt from tuition fees at the host university. All modules completed during the exchange count towards your degree, just as if you had taken them at Chichester.

The Department of History and Politics has Erasmus Agreements with the following. Each offers a broad range of History/ Politics-related courses, which, with the exception of Cadiz and Neuchâtel, are all taught in the English language:

For further information Dr Amanda Richardson and Dr Alex Sutton will be happy to help. 

Alternatively, please contact the University of Chichester’s International Office.

Student Experiences – University of Eastern Finland (Joensuu)

In 2009-10 three History students, Richard Fear, Caroline Horstead and Louisa Richardson, took part in an Erasmus exchange to the University of Eastern Finland. According to Louisa ‘life in Finland was a breath of fresh air - invigorating! There is the beauty of lakes and trees everywhere you turn, as well as the Finns’ ‘definitive culture’. She also said that studying in Finland offered her a new perspective on the world.

Highlights of the exchange included ice-swimming, white water rafting and learning to play the traditional stringed instrument the Kantele, as well as the many group excursions.

These included hiking in Koli national park (pictured), trips to Tallinn, Estonia, and to St Petersburg, and a survival course in Lapland (above) where the students learned to build igloos, went on reindeer sleigh-rides and swam in the Arctic Sea.

Caroline called her Erasmus experience ‘truly inspirational and exhilarating. The people, the scenery, and the different cultures made this an opportunity of a lifetime, with all the wide prospects that that can encompass!’

Student Experiences – University of Würzburg, Germany

Three of our History students attended the University of Würzburg in 2012-13 including John Bailey, who says ‘Würzburg really is a fantastic city, located in the very heart of Germany, with loads to offer any student aside from the cheap beer and the local Franconian wine!

There is an extensive programme of activities for international students, so that there are at least 2 or 3 different choices of activities nightly. Transport is great and you can use your student card to travel free on buses and trams in and around the city.

As Würzburg is in Bavaria, you can also use a Bayern train ticket to roam around the Bavarian State for one day from 9am to 3am, costing from only 22 Euros (c. £17.50). You can travel to Salzburg in Austria on the same ticket, due to the city’s location close to the border.’

On studying in Würzburg, John commented that ‘the Uni is very good; courses in English range from saints and relics in medieval Europe and war and memory in Germany, to European politics and economics.

You also get the opportunity to study on the German Language course, which I did, managing to obtain a qualification in beginner’s German within a couple of months of entering the country’.

In 2017-18 two History students, Jessica Shapley and Kay Eldridge, went to Würzburg during Semester One. Kay said: ‘What I’d say to people thinking about doing an Erasmus exchange is that they definitely should! It’s an amazing experience yet challenging at times, especially during the first two weeks… but very quickly you settle in. I’ve made friends with people from all around the globe and the trips planned by the Erasmus staff are good for meeting other students and exploring the whole of Germany. Jess and I go somewhere different most weekends.

Würzburg is a very student-based town and there is lots to do - museums, churches, the Residenz palace, the Marienburg fortress and wine on the bridge, so you never get bored.

If you worry that you will miss out on the party scene there are different clubs open every day till 5am, all with student discounts (the best is the river boat with three floors all playing different music!).’

Jess added ‘Würzburg is a beautiful place and Erasmus is definitely an amazing opportunity, especially seeing the history ‘on the ground’ that we have been taught at Würzburg University… The German language course was great - I scored 91%! - and my History courses are really enjoyable.’