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International Students

Students from Europe


Anneka Schroeder: BA Hons in Music (Year 3)

After attending 5 interviews at different Universities in the UK, it didn't take me long to decide that Chichester would be the place for me. It is a small and lovely University with friendly and open minded lecturers. My tutors are talented musicians and have an ability to break the ice before performance assessments and auditions, which is just great.

Although I was pretty scared to go to another country (and learn another language), the tutors made me feel at home right away. Motivation and personal development are taken very seriously at Chichester.

At the beginning of the second year 3 friends and I formed a student Girl-Rock band. Through all the practical work we do, it is easy to find students who are into the same style of music as you. The Music degree at Chichester lets you produce a lot of practical work and supports you with theory lessons (my songwriting wouldn’t be half as good without them!). You can choose how to structure you own study: the majority of time I work on developing instrumental and songwriting skills.

Don't think that you will only benefit from this course if you had a classical education. Our lecturers take every kind of music serious: classical as well as modern. I grew up on metal music and rock is still a big part of my music. The tutors seem to love my wild performances just as much as a pianist playing a Bach piece.

Students from The Channel Islands


Jack Mitchell BA Hons in Music (graduating 2007)
Progression: Trinity College of Music, MA

Chichester, as a place to live, is very much like Guernsey in the way that it is safe and friendly. This is ideal for a student from Guernsey that may be apprehensive about living in the UK. Many Channel Island students choose to go to The University of Chichester so the staff are used to dealing with any problems or special circumstances that may arise. They are very understanding and make you feel very welcome.

The music degree was very practical and this is what originally attracted me. In Guernsey we have a Music Service that offers a wide range of ensembles, of which I was in as many as I could be. I saw studying on this course as an excellent opportunity to develop my ensemble based playing and have enjoyed recent tours of Paris and Leipzig with the University Orchestra and Brass Ensemble.

The teaching styles are of high standard, and seem to link well from what I have experienced in Guernsey, leaving few, if any, educational gaps to be filled. The chance for a professional player to provide peripatetic lessons was also very appealing. Having had good tuition in Guernsey my lessons at Chichester were able to continue my technical development but as an aspiring professional musician I also benefited from my teacher’s professional experience. The teachers I have had at Chichester have helped me reach another level of performance and helped me realise what I want musically from my future.