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University of Chichester Volunteer Prize


We’ve discovered that people who volunteer often become passionate about fundraising too. So, we’d like to offer you the chance to win in our free to enter competition, and discover if fundraising might be the career for you. After all, that’s what the best volunteering experiences do, help us to find ourselves. That and help make the world a little bit better for those you meet, and serve, along the way.

Donna, Charity Development BA (hons.) Programme Leader, was a fundraiser for 20 years, paid to travel the world for work. She met amazing people with big ideas that made her feel inspired and empowered. It was an amazing job. But there were never enough good fundraisers (that’s great news if you’re seeking a job). So we launched the world’s first undergraduate degree in fundraising and embraced the opportunity to make a little more positive change in the world.

Now, each year we welcome a new cohort of inspirational students onto the degree. Students who’ve decided that their career is going to be all about making sure the good stuff happen. That’s what fundraisers do, they’re paid to raise the money and find the resources that charities need.

Over the three years, the students take a learning journey that will help them think smarter, act more wisely, and become inspirational individuals. That’s another thing that fundraisers do, they inspire others to be generous, and help donors see the amazing difference they have made in the world. (You can read interviews with Matthew, Zoe and Stacey.)

The degree is taught by a team of high-impact fundraisers, who split their time between raising money for charities and teaching here at the University. Their knowledge is fresh, industry based, and their teaching is peppered with real life examples that brings the theory to life.

Finally, as a team, students and staff, we help real charities to raise funds. Our students can do lots of practical fundraising as part of their taught programme. If you’d like to know more about joining us as an undergraduate student we’d be delighted to hear from you: or 01243 816000 (ask for Donna Day Lafferty).

To win the University of Chichester Volunteering Prize, tell us about something you have already done, or something you are planning to do, either is fine. You may have done lots of different things, but we recommend you focus on just one of them. Remember, we want to know about how you have, or will, fundraise for your volunteering experience, not about what you will do as a volunteer.

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