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CPD and Community Links

Work with Park Community School

The University worked with Park School on three different projects. 

The first involved year 2 PE and Sports Coaching students from the University working with year 9 and 10 PE ambassadors from Park Community School where they experienced a variety of sports activities at the University.

The second event involved our students assisting at the Havant Primary Schools sports afternoon where the students had an opportunity to experience the event from the organisers perspective.

The third event offered the opportunity for pupils from Park to attend a lab session then to play Basketball, Football and badminton against Chichester students.

Feedback from Jan Norman of Park School

"The pupils had a brilliant day, they were buzzing about it! They discussed the psychometric testing on the way home and love the other sports and the amazing facilities.  “That was awesome, I loved it” …. “I think I can get to Uni now!” were just a couple of comments that I heard.

Please also pass onto your student how great and welcoming they were.

Thank you so much, we had an amazing day.  I really appreciate what you are doing for our pupils."

Visit to Park Community School  

Following on from the sports activities afternoon at the University, three PE students were invited to the school to talk to the sports ambassadors about life at the University.

James Chadburn, Rebecca Groves-Excell and Megan Jones talked to pupils about their own personal route to University and how they found life at Chichester.

Each of our PE students were asked a range of questions by the sports ambassadors, with the intention of each of them understanding a little more about university life and to consider applying.

What's the biggest challenge you have had? How does the University help support it? 

Being dyslexic and being able to deal with the amount of reading and depth that the degree needs but there are support systems in place that can help there to be structure to the essays and help the way you work to still get the best results you can 

Is university hard?

Yes it is, but it’s not too hard! You can have help if your struggling, the lectures will always allow you to meet with them one to one if you need to. It’s important to always stay on top of your work and make sure that you time manage well. But on our course we are very practical too and that makes it easier too. Being hard doesn't mean you can't do it though, if your prepared to work hard then you'll be fine!

What is the best part of university?

I think the best part of uni, on our course, is the PESC Games, we get to play a whole load of sports against the freshers. It's so much fun, a great way of getting to know people and making friends.