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External Advisors and Examiners

Dr Paul Jones, External Advisor: Physical Education in the Primary Years

"As a current practitioner, I believe that this course is based upon the needs of the profession and will provide a very sound foundation for a developing career in education of primary children.  It is both needed and much welcome.  The academic rigour also ensures its legitimacy. The programme is coherently structured with a flexible pathway that makes it highly viable to a wide range of candidates. The synthesis between professional/practical/theoretical study is a real strength with all key areas covered."

Mr Shaun Dowling, External Advisor: Physical Education in the Primary Years

"The structure makes sense and has logical progressions, routes and pathways enabling students to develop their strengths and interests whilst still providing a strong and balanced core provision. There is an appropriate blend of teaching approaches and assessment which reflect the mix of theoretical and practical content. The rich range of experiential learning in the workplace, at university and in the outdoors, and an excellent attention to inclusive practice throughout. The programme builds its links to the school curriculum and age of participants through specific references to Key Stages, demonstrating that the structure is progressive and relevant.  This is further supported by the explicit reference to progression and potential employment routes upon completion."

Ms Melanie Tuckwell, External Advisor: Physical Education and Sports Coaching

"The rational for this programme is clearly thought through.  Within the two roles (teacher and coach) the programme has clear modules that incorporate the knowledge and understanding that will be needed in the industry.  The two subject areas are very much aligned and the subtle differences are being shown in the delivery plan."