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Students will initially study at an introductory level, and thus it is not a requirement to have studied psychology at ‘A’ level.’ As well as providing a sound basis for work as a professional psychologist, a psychology degree at the University of Chichester facilitates entry into many careers, including

Jobs directly related to your degree:

  • Clinical psychologist - uses psychology to reduce mental distress in overcoming psychological difficulties. The role involves developing evidence-based practice and conducting research.
  • Educational psychologist - uses psychology to identify and support children or young people who are experiencing problems within an educational setting, with the aim of enhancing their learning.
  • Further education lecturer or higher education lecturer - teaches psychology in colleges and higher education institutions, mainly to people over 16. Higher education lecturers also perform significant amounts of research in their specialist area.
  • Occupational psychologist - applies psychology to solve organisational problems including recruitment, selection and assessment, training, work design and dealing with change.

Jobs where your degree would be useful:

  • Psychotherapist - works with individuals or small groups to treat mental or physical disorders through a process of psychological treatment. Often a specialism of other roles such as social work, medicine, or clinical psychology.
  • Counsellor - works with individuals, couples or small groups to help people problem solve and cope with difficulties or distressing incidents, e.g. rape counselling.
  • Careers adviser/personal adviser - works with young people or adults providing information, advice and guidance, either individually or through groupwork.
  • Human resources officer - advises on and implements policies relating to the use of human resources including employee planning, recruitment, training and welfare.
  • Retail manager - responsible for the day-to-day management of a department or store: managing staff; implementing policies and procedures; and ensuring sales targets are met.