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What makes us different

We offer a BSc (Hons) Psychology and a MSci Advanced Applied Psychology, we offer many valuable opportunities if you decide to come and study with us on either course including:
  • Distinctive BPS accreditation
  • Very high student satisfaction (2015 NSS: 100% of student respondents said tutors are enthusiastic about their teaching)
  • State of the art brain imaging equipment and experimental software
  • Opportunity for students to apply for competitive internships (for example, with the NHS Sussex Partnership)
  • Study abroad opportunities (e.g., in Europe, Canada and the US)
  • High contact hours for the sector,  including extensive dissertation supervision

Areas that we explore include at BSc/MSci level include:

  • Is the internet making us miserable?
  • Why is obesity so much higher in Western countries?
  • Can we minimise the effects of dementia?
  • Can men and women be friends?
  • Are people born evil?
  • Is love all we need?
  • How can we eat ourselves healthy?
  • Do we all have criminal intent?
  • What is complete well-being?
  • Can we remember what really happened?
  • Can we define complete wellbeing?

The BSc (Hons) Psychology programme is a three year full-time programme giving students the opportunity for examining the biological, cognitive, developmental, individual difference and social psychological principles underlying everyday experience and behaviour, and then investigating those psychological principles in contexts related to those in which professional psychologists work.

The MSci Advanced Applied Psychology is an Integrated Master's degree programme which combines undergraduate and postgraduate study into a single course, commencing at level 4 in the first year and leading through a single course to a level 7 qualification at the end of the fourth year. The MSci programme provides extensive training in a range of sophisticated research and professional skills related to a wide range of employment sectors and roles related to psychology.