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Prior to the opening of the conference we will be holding a selection of workshop sessions.

These will take place on the morning of Tuesday 30th August.

Workshops will be 90 minutes long and will be pre-bookable prior to the conference.

Spaces are limited so please be sure to sign up early in order to ensure your place! 

Docudrama Workshop

Presented by Dr Jenny McMahon
University of Tasmania, Australia

A docudrama is a movie that tells a story about real events that have happened to people. As a genre, docudramas offer researchers, conference presenters, lecturers and tutors with a unique opportunity to dramatize research in a visually appealing way. This workshop focuses on the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ of a docudrama. Specifically, workshop participants will be provided with information about what a docudrama actually is and looks like. Information will also be provided on why it is beneficial to use a docudrama in research, conference presentations and in lecture material. Finally, workshop participants will be provided with the opportunity to see how to create a docudrama. 

Qualitative Research in Digital Realms Workshop

Presented by Dr Andrea Bundon
University of British Columbia

Twitter, Facebook, online forums, blogs and apps – scholars are increasing turning to digital sources to study sport, exercise and physical cultures. These platforms have greatly enhanced the options available to academics by facilitating both a proliferation of new sports-related digital media content ripe for analysis and also by making it increasingly viable to investigate communities and cultures previously inaccessible due to distance, time or cost. However, the digital age also raises questions and challenges that are theoretical, methodological, practical and ethical. The task currently facing researchers is to find ways of leveraging the potentials afforded by these new technologies whilst remaining committed to conducting qualitative research of the highest quality rigorously grounded in the traditions of our fields. This workshop is intended to support academics in this pursuit. We will explore some of the most innovative methods in the field and discuss and debate the challenges that researchers might encounter when they pursue qualitative research that leads them into digital realms.

Publishing qualitative research: Avoiding common mistakes and some tips for consideration

Presented by Professor Brett Smith
University of Birmingham

This workshop is concerned with publishing ‘good’ qualitative research in journals. Participants are invited to bring questions to the session regarding what they consider pertinent in terms of doing qualitative research and getting this work published. These questions will be used to stimulate discussion about the process and product of publishing. Throughout, various ‘tips’ will be offered with regard to how to publish qualitative research. These ‘tips’ are not magical recipes for achieving instant or any success. Rather, the ‘tips’ are modest thoughts about how to avoid common mistakes and how to enhance opportunities to get work published. The ‘tips’ are based on Brett’s failures and successes of publishing qualitative research. They are also based on the ‘hidden secrets’ he has learnt as a journal editor for over 7 years (Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health), as an associate editor for over 4 years (both Psychology of Sport and Exercise and Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology), being an editorial board member of various journals (e.g. Sociology of Sport Journal), and reviewing for over 50 journals.