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Sports Performance and Rehabilitation Unit

The University of Chichester’s Sport Performance and Rehabilitation Unit (SPRU) offers expert services and consultancy to everyone from international athletes through to recreational sportsmen and women.

SPRU's programme for enhancing performance includes support for mental preparation, fueling performance and health and wellbeing.

We also operate a sports injuries clinic, and consultancy services and training courses to support sports coaches and managers.

Find out more on our SPRU website

Adventure Education consultancy

We are a very active team who are at the forefront of Academic and National Governing Body development.

As a result of our expertise we act as consultants to governing bodies such as the British Canoe Union and the Swimming Teachers Association. 

We also act as outdoor centre inspectors and technical advisors.

If you would like to discuss utilising our expertise please contact us.

Physical Education short courses and consultancy

PE is one of the largest and most established departments in the University and benefits from having a breadth of expertise and experience amongst its staff, most of whom have held senior PE teaching posts in schools and advisory services.

Continued research in their field has enabled many colleagues to earn eminent reputations. These combined effects enable us to be able to respond to the national PE agenda and to work with teachers and support school-based projects in a bespoke way.

We are always pleased to work in partnership and/or provide short course/consultancy in areas that help schools to raise standards and support school improvement plans.

Coaching Science Specialists

We also have Coaching Science specialists who are experienced coach educators, and have been involved in course delivery for governing bodies at regional and national level.

We are also involved in a programme of applied research – and seek to integrate our research into our work with clients where appropriate, ensuring that we are at the cutting edge in both service delivery, and in contributing to the knowledge base to support sustained World Class performance in sport in the UK.

To find out more, contact us.