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We have invested heavily in the Tudor Hale Centre for Sport, which opened in 2014.  It hosts state of the art physiology and biomechanics laboratories, and sports injury teaching and practice clinics

All of our facilities are designed for academic teaching and hands on learning, so that students can use state of the art equipment and gain real life experiences throughout their course.

The laboratories provide the opportunity to conduct research in environmental physiology, exercise biochemistry, biomechanics, psychology, sports therapy and health-related topics. Sociological and pedagogical research is also supported by an experienced staffing base.

Students have access to state of the art sport science and rehabilitation facilities and equipment. As well as a private consultancy rooms and a video analysis suite, we have two biomechanics laboratories, five physiology laboratories, four sport psychology laboratories and two sport injury treatment clinics with adjoining rehabilitation space.

Our labs are fully kitted out with the latest technology and specialist equipment, including a climatic chamber, and a range of portable tools that can be used to test and monitor performance in training and competition.

Our specialist equipment includes a climate chamber used by students and local athletes for training and teaching. The chamber can replicate temperature and humidity from -20°C to 50°C and 10-90 per cent respectively, and can also simulate altitudes of up to around 22,000ft by reducing the oxygen concentration in the room from ~21% to ~9%.