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Joint Degrees

We know it can be very difficult to decide which subject to study at university. Often you will have enjoyed more than one topic at A-level and your preference would be to continue studying more than one subject at degree level. Or you may have developed wide interests when studying at A-level.

For those students in this position we offer a number of Joint degrees. A joint degree allows you to study more than one subject at once.  Half of your modules will be taken from one degree subject and the other half from another subject. If there are core modules, as there are in most degrees, then you are required to take these modules when they run.

Tutor Groups and Joint Students

Sometimes joint degree students feel like they don’t belong in either department of their chosen degree subjects. To help with this feeling in Theology, Philosophy and Religious Studies we place all our joint students in Tutorial Groups, usually with other students on the same joint course as them.  This means you get to meet students doing the same as you from week one as well as feeling like you know a tutor really well. You can read more about our Tutorial Groups on the department pages.

We offer Joint degrees in the following areas:

Philosophy and Ethics:


What have you gained from being a joint student?

"Even more flexibility! Selecting modules from two different subjects/departments means you really get a choice over the direction of your learning. Philosophy wasn’t on offer during my A-Levels, by splitting half my time between Politics I found the transition into the subject less daunting. I feel I belong equally to each department and have benefited by meeting people in both subjects." Kate Matthews


If you're interested in studying any of the Philosophy and Ethics joints, please email Tommy Lynch,

If you're interested in studying any of the Theology joints, please email Hannah Strommen,